ASA Weekly Rulings Published

Nov 1st '17

This weeks rulings have been published. The following advertisers have been formally investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Rulings for: o1 November 2017

An eBay product page marketing a “Cyclone Power Sweep Chimney DIY Kit Flexible Nylon Rods Full Kit sold by AC Products Ltd, seen in May 2017 stated “*****These Rods are Manufactured in Britain … Purchase from a small UK Chimney Sweeping Manufacturing company Support British jobs. We Thank you!***** …”.

A website for furniture retailer Oak Furniture Solutions,, seen on 16 May 2017. A green banner was featured near the top of each page and contained text that stated “10% EXTRA OFF ADDED IN BASKET – 3 DAY SALE*”, accompanied by a countdown clock. The web page which promoted the ‘Oslo W…

A paid-for post shown on Erics Angling Centre’s Facebook page and seen on 30 July 2017 featured an image of a woman with her mouth open and wiping the bottom of her lip with a napkin and featured the text, “… Prices that are easy to swallow”.

A website for beds and mattresses retailer, seen in July 2017. The top left corner of the home page featured a logo and text “BIG SALE NOW ON”. A banner, which was also featured near the top of the home page, contained text that stated “THE BIG SALE IS NOW ON OUR BIGGEST EVER SUMMER SALE NOW UP…

A national press ad for Slimspired’s 3D Lipo, a fat reduction treatment, seen on 28 March 2017 was headed “The no-gym solution to a bulging belly!”. Text stated “… IF YOU are searching for a way to get the figure you want without the hard work, you need 3D-Lipo! … 3D-Lipo targets your body’s fat cells using a combin…

A TV ad for the Peugeot 208 car, seen between 14 and 29 July 2017, showed a man driving through city streets. While he was driving, he was sent a text from a woman at a party which said “I’m bored without you!”, which he read on a built-in screen alongside the car’s dashboard. The driver appeared to react …

Two ads for a protein supplement, seen in May 2017:

a. A poster ad, seen on London Underground, featured a woman wearing workout gear, in particular a cropped bra top and leggings. A headline stated “THINK SMALL. V24 SHOT. The NEW way to take Protein”. The ad featured an image of the product, and adjacent to that was a dotted line from the top to the bottom of the bottle and text stating “3.5 inches”. Text below stated “24 grams of protein. Fat Free. Sugar Free. Dairy Free. Gluten Free. No refrigeration needed. Delicious Apple flavour”.

b. An ad on Twitter featured an image of ad (a) with text stating “We are now live in the London underground. Make sure to look out for us over the coming weeks. #ThinkSmall”.

A TV ad for bookmakers William Hill, seen on 18 June, promoted the ‘#Your Odds’ promotion in which customers could create and bet on their own markets, and make a request for William Hill to provide the odds via Twitter from the William Hill app. One scene titled ‘William Hill App’ included review ratings from five …

A pop-up banner ad promoting the website, which appeared in the in-game app, Simon’s Cat Crunch Time and was seen on 24 July 2017. The ad featured an image of a fake tattoo which looked like a bite mark on a woman’s chest.


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