ASA Rulings Published

Nov 21st '18

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) publish rulings every Wednesday and set out on the public record how, following investigation, the advertising rules apply and where the ASA draw the line in judging whether an ad has broken the rules.

This week’s rulings have been published, and the following advertisers have been formally investigated.

Rulings for: 21 November 2018

A poster ad for Burger King’s Whopper Jr meal deal, seen on 24 July 2018, featured an image of the whopper burger, fries and a zero sugar Coca Cola with the tagline ‘A Whopper Jr. of a deal £2.99’. The poster was displayed on a bus stop close to a primary school.

A website for Reliance Property Management Specialists,, seen on 28 February 2018, stated in a large rotating banner on the home page “RELAX, WHILE YOUR RENTAL INCOME IS GUARANTEED! Receive your rent on time, every month, even if your tenant fails to pay”. At the bottom of the banne…

A poster ad for the National Lottery, seen on 17 May 2018, featured an image of a rainbow scratch card with the text “Scratch and See … Top prize £50,000 Lucky Fortune … 7 CHANCES TO WIN! £2”. The poster was placed outside the entrance of a school.

A TV ad for short-term loans company, seen in February 2018. The voice-over in the ad stated, “Hello, need a short-term loan? Then look no further than We stream loans. A fast, simple, secure way to get money.” Text at the bottom of the screen stated, “Representative 1325% …

A TV ad for Coco Pops Granola, shown during the children’s programme ‘Mr Bean’ on 3 January 2018, began with a group of animated animals standing on each other’s shoulders trying to knock a coconut down from a tree. Coco the Monkey ran up to the hyena standing at the bottom, showed him a bowl of cereal and said “Coco P…

Two poster ads for McDonald’s, seen on 24 July 2018:a. The first poster, for the Cadbury Flake McFlurry and Mini McFlurry, featured the text “SUN’S OUT Funs out” and an image of the chocolate and raspberry flavours of the products in different sizes. The poster was displayed close to the entrance of a primary school.b….

A TV ad for XLS Medical, a weight loss aid, featured a testimonial from a woman called Jacqui who stated, “I’ve always struggled with my weight, but I’ve decided enough is enough, it’s time to fight back”. Jacqui, noticeably thinner, appeared again later in the ad and stated, “I’ve lost eighteen pounds!&…

The website for Victoria Knight, a property management service, seen on 28 February 2018, featured a web page with information for landlords titled “Why choose us?”. The page featured text stating “The Opportunity For Rent Guarantee. We are one of the few Letting Agents in the country who offer…

A poster ad for Subway’s “Sub of the Day”, seen on 20 July 2018, featured images of different sandwich options for each day of the week, along with the tagline “New Sub of the Day”. The poster was displayed on the side of a telephone box close to a children’s centre and school.

A website for the Athletics World Cup, seen on 11 May 2018, included on a page headed “Event News” text which stated “Record 250,000 ticket requests received ahead of Athletics World Cup ticket ballot … With just three days remaining for those interested in attending to register ahead of a tic…

A national press ad for UK Direct Shop, an online retailer, seen on 20 August 2018, promoted a magnetic link bracelet with pain relief magnets. Text on the page stated “AS USED BY CELEBRITIES!”

A cinema ad for the women’s welfare and domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid, seen on 7 September 2018. The ad began with a man and a woman sat at a kitchen table. The woman asked, “Do you think you’re going to be working late again?” The man slowly turned his head then quickly lurched toward the woman, who coiled away. …


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