ASA Rulings published

Nov 13th '19

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rulings are published every Wednesday and set out on the public record how, following investigation, the advertising rules apply and where the ASA draw the line in judging whether an ad has broken the rules.

This week’s rulings have been published, and the following advertisers have been formally investigated.

Rulings for 13 November 2019

A door-drop flyer and a website for Fischer Future Heat.

Claims on Facebook by a clothing company that its product could improve posture and reduce back pain were misleading.

A website promoting a cryptocurrency course made misleading claims.

A press ad and website for a meal delivery service broke the rules around misleadingness and qualification.

Poster ads for Rightmove made claims about the frequency with which their estate agents were contacted that were not misleading.

Claims on a solar panel company website were misleading, did not make clear the nature of the business and falsely implied they acted for purposes outside their trade.

Facebook posts for solar panel funding made misleading claims, did not make clear the nature of the business and falsely implied they were acting for purposes outside of their trade.

A TV ad for a children’s app was banned for being socially irresponsible.

TV, poster and Facebook ads for a hybrid car were not misleading.

Website claims for Under Armour’s Athlete Recovery Sleepwear range were not backed up with adequate evidence.


Previous rulings: 06 November 2019

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