ASA and CAP launch 2018 Mid-year progress report

Nov 9th '18

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is pleased to launch its new Mid-Year Progress Report, which presents the results of its regulation between January-June 2018.

More ads were amended or withdrawn in the first half of the year than in the whole of 2018, while the number of pieces of advice and training provided to businesses increased by over a third (compared to the first half of 2017).

Key highlights include the following:

  • 7,232 ads were amended or withdrawn in the first half of 2018 compared to 7,099 in the whole of 2017
  • 97.6% of formal investigation cases were enforced (98% at Dec 2017)
  • There was a 34% increase in the number of pieces of advice and training delivered 224,178 (compared to 182,618 in Jan-Jun 2017)
  • Obtained CPD certification for our Advice:am seminars and eLearning modules – and launched a new series of webinars and podcasts
  • Reports and projects completed in Jan-Jun2018:
    • Reference Pricing
    • Parcel Delivery Surcharges
    • Guidance on Responsibility and Problem Gamblers
    • Investigation-led project on Secondary Ticket Pricing
  • Ongoing projects and research:
    • Call for evidence on TV ads for HFSS products
    • Commencement of 12 month review of non-broadcast HFSS restrictions
    • Launched research project into Online Labelling of Ads
    • Research into consumers’ experience of Small Print in TV Ads
    • Research into Children’s Exposure to Age Restricted Ads Online
    • Research into Children’s Exposure to TV HFSS Ads

You can download the full report now.

Source: ASA

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