Guest Post: Introducing FORM as a Conversation Style

Oct 17th '18

There are several well established systems of communication intended to assist you with free flowing conversation. It is important to be aware of the way you communicate and how you come across.


In previous posts we have looked at what not to do, it is important to be aware of what you should be doing. Approaches like “FORM”, a conversational structure intended to help your speak to prospects, opportunities and network and ensure there is a good, two way conversation that feels natural and authentic. Systems like FORM allow you to overcome initial nerves and control the flow of conversation, a critical trait of many successful business men and women.


Introducing FORM

FORM is an acronym and it is intended as a loose structure for a natural conversation to help you to speak to prospects so they will tell you about themselves.  It stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message.


The first three points are subjects to ask your prospect about.  The idea is you have a normal conversation with them, incorporating any or all of the subjects “family”, “occupation” and “recreation”.  Spend time asking them about their family, what they do for a living and what they like to do outside of work for fun.  The M, for “message”, will come later.


The key is to ask open questions – questions that are designed to get more than a one word answer.  Open questions tend to start with the words “What”, “Who”, “Where”, “When”, “How” or “Why”.


For example “Where are you off to on your holidays this year?” or “How do you get most of your business?”.


As people talk the key is to keep them talking as much as possible and make sure we are actively listening.  Keep the conversation focused on them.  If they turn it back to you answer briefly then ask them another open question.  As they give you some information ask more questions to get them to open up even more.


You will be amazed that people you know, people you meet at networking events and even perfect strangers will tell you about challenges in their life or their business and the things that are important in their life.  Our job is to keep listening for clues, because within some of the conversations there will be an opportunity to introduce them to a colleague at your networking group or to invite them to visit the group or transact with you and your business.


There are countless approaches to attracting new business. Marketeers go to great lengths to build a brand, calculate a message, deliver strategically and report frequently. Network Marketing is an effective methodology for marketing, in particular for establishing trust with business communities and creating awareness and raising the profile of your business.


If you are exploring Network Marketing opportunities and would like to find out more, please get in touch with us.


At LS Consultancy, partner with business men and women who are building their own path. Entrepreneurs that are looking for a work life balance that’s on their terms, business owners looking to expand and grow their presence locally. People looking for an alternative to the 9-5 so whatever your reason, we’d love to hear from you.


About the author: Stuart Ritchie


Stuart has previously been employed, working long hours in the finance industry for many years earning good money, but having no control over life. He also run his own property business, with the stress of staff, cashflow, huge borrowings, etc.

In July 2007 he was introduced to a simple proven business system that he worked a few hours a week, increasing profits and reducing overall working hours, creating more time for the things that are important. After a couple of years of part time effort we was able to “sack the rat race” and “retire” at the age of 38, with a passive income that surpassed anything he had earned before, growing monthly.


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