IFAs take some time out of your busy schedule and still win business

Apr 12th '16

You can use inbound marketing to outsource lead generation.



One of the trends we’ve noticed is that independent IFA firms and Professions driven by the challenges of compliance have more administration, less time and increasing costs. This can reduce growth and put pressure on cash flow.  Can you relate?



The other trend we’ve noticed is around independent financial advisers wanting to build a “lead generation machine” that generates a constant flow of targeted sales-ready leads and qualified opportunities to the pipeline.  So how full is your pipeline?



You may choose products and services from various providers, but it is still you and your firm that clients buy from. Have you taken the time to create a distinctive branding a personality your really feel comfortable with? You may choose ideas about family, and planning which have some resonance but how different are these from the other 14,500 IFAs in the UK? Why did your client originally choose you and the firm? Is the website branding the same as what you send your brochures out in the post? Does it need to be?


There’s a trend we’ve noticed with firms, certified financial planners and chartered advisers who have the desire for a distinctive personality, and warmth in a regulated /competitive environment. It’s how to retain an appeal in everything they do; communications, imagery and marketing.


This is a challenge for example using templates, which while compliant and smart can lack character. How is your client communication process? Enough of the questions! We can help here, so feel free to call or email us. And read some of the tips in our guide to inbound marketing you can download below.



The final trend we’ve seen is firms are really providing a safe service of unbiased financial planning, looking after immediate client needs. But opportunities go missed, or are captured by competitors such as new ideas for products and services. This is because marketing and expertise cannot be applied and are missed due to lack of time or resources. Only for you to see other firms doing some of these things. Have you faced this challenge?



We are not offering a Tardis but the result is something similar, you get back time. So you can win time by outsourcing your marketing and sales lead generation and use us to act as your “go to lead generation and marketing resource”.


When you don’t have the right system in place, running a marketing campaign can be messy business. From assigning ownership over certain tasks, to establishing deadlines, to collaborating with campaign stakeholders, to writing and editing copy … there’s a lot to manage. And with so many moving pieces to consider, disorganization can be a major enemy. Our Guide covers all these answers. But we have been a bit cheeky too….! SELLING YOUR BUSINESS?


In any sector, businesses always keep on eye on one day possibly selling the business. Selling your IFA business has been a hot topic in recent years. So expert, Chris Tullett Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants has contributed to our Guide which asks if you want to grow or sell your IFA Practice. Either way there are fantastic tips and lots of useful advice.


Download the guide here.


Source: Peter Eales – www.oisolutions.co.uk


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