7 reasons you should consider virtual business cards

Apr 21st '21

The business landscape has shifted irrevocably, from in-person to online.


And not just due to COVID-19; even before the pandemic, there was a move to remote working, video conferencing and virtual meetings for reasons of economy, efficiency and environmental awareness. The pandemic has accelerated a trend towards online interaction that has seen a rise in virtual investor events and found remote working become the norm for the majority of office-based workers.


With it, this shift brings a need for new approaches and solutions, whether that’s reliable video meeting software, design platforms that allow your marketing and design teams to collaborate on the production of new content, or new ways to network and make new contacts.


In a world where Zoom meetings have replaced in-person get togethers, even the way we share our contact information with potential clients and associates needs to change.


Enter the virtual business card.


Twelve months ago, this might not have been something on your shopping list (or even on your radar) – but today, there are compelling reasons for taking that once-ubiquitous piece of card digital.


What is a virtual business card?

Sometimes known as a digital business card or an electronic business card, a virtual business card is exactly what you’d expect – a digital version of your paper business card.


At one time, everyone who was likely to be client- or customer-facing was presented with a box of business cards at the start of every new role; it was a rite of passage when starting at a new company or in a different job.


Today, our pivot to virtual working makes the traditional business card all-but redundant. Its digital cousin is taking its place.


If you don’t have a virtual business card, are you missing out on opportunities to be remembered by potential clients, investors and contacts? There is no shortage of reasons why you might want to take your contact information digital.


7 reasons you should consider a virtual business card


#1  They’re flexible and adaptable

A virtual business card can be shared across all devices, whether iPhone, iPad, Android or computer. Unlike a printed card, there are no space constraints; you can add as much or as little information to your card as you want.


In addition to your normal contact information (your name, company, email, and phone number) you can enhance your card with a photo or video, a logo, your social media profiles and more. You can even include a QR code, enabling your details to be easily scanned and saved to your contact’s phone or PC.


When your virtual business card is supported by the latest technology, your options are limitless.


#2  They’re future proof

How many boxes of business cards languish in drawers and cupboards unused because someone has changed role or updated their contact details? A virtual business card can be edited and updated in seconds, reducing the waste associated with traditional cards.


#3  They’re convenient

As long as you have access to your phone or computer, you’ll always have your digital business cards on hand and never need to worry that your card supply is running low.


4# They support your ESG strategy

Did you know that over 90% of business cards are thrown away within one week of receiving them? Companies are more accountable than ever for their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) behaviour; taking your business cards digital is one easy win when it comes to improving your environmental credentials.


#5  They’re cost-effective

Virtual business cards are often more affordable than their paper counterparts. When you’re not spending hundreds of pounds each year on paper cards that are discarded almost immediately, you can redirect this saving elsewhere – your marketing budget, maybe.


For many businesses, a virtual business card is an add-on to the workflow technology they already use – making it a low-risk venture and a seamless integration.


#6  They’re contactless

With online meetings and virtual events becoming the new norm, virtual business cards are an efficient way to exchange contact details.


Digital cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere – simply send the link over email, text, or social media. During a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet video call, hold up your QR code, and anyone in attendance can scan your code and have instant access to your card.


Even when in-person gatherings resume, virtual business cards are a COVID-secure option, negating the need for physical contact.


#7 They allow you to seamlessly become part of your contact’s online world

When people receive a paper business card, most file it in their purse or wallet. When you share a digital business card, it lands directly into the receiver’s inbox, so your new contact can easily integrate it (and you) into their workflow.


Virtual cards make following up easier and more efficient, which in return can lead to efficient future connections.


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