Advertising to Canadians: Telemarketing

Jun 1st '20

What you should know about telemarketing in Canada.


As a consumer, you may receive unwanted, unsolicited telemarketing calls during which salespeople try to sell you products or services. In this blog, we share things you should know and to do when advertising to Canadians.


Things to know
  • The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules:
    • restrict which consumer phone numbers telemarketers can contact for solicitation purposes
    • restrict calling hours
    • prescribe information that must be disclosed
    • restrict the use of Automatic Dialing-Announcing Devices (ADADs)
    • impose record-keeping obligations
  • Active enforcement by the CRTC, including maximum fines of up to CAD $15,000 per violation (e.g. per call), make vigilant compliance critical
  • The Canadian Common Short Code Application Guidelines set out the telecommunications industry’s requirements for short code services
  • There are licensing requirements (and additional operational rules) applicable to call centres in the provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba


Things to do
  • Determine whether registration with the CRTC is required, and if so, register
  • Determine whether your telemarketing activities require scrubbing against the Do Not Call List and the payment of ongoing fees, or whether they are exempt
  • Ensure that any text message-based advertising and scripts comply with the Canadian Common Short Code Guidelines
  • For text messages, consider what lawful authority you have to send the message and how the strict disclosure and unsubscribe requirements will be met under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation



Advertising to Canadians: General Guidance.


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