Guest post: What’s personal brand and why it’s so important

Feb 14th '19

Nowadays, most of us have two identities: a real-world presence and an online presence. The thing is, our online presence is becoming more and more important every day, massively influencing our real life.


If you see an advert of a service or a product, are you going to trust the advert, or are you going to Google it and read the reviews, before purchasing?


Well, be aware that the person that is reviewing your CV for the position you have applied for, will also Google you!


Did you write that you are the most committed hard worker, while Facebook is showing up that you are partying late every night with your mates? If so, your application is not off to a good start.


So whether you are a freelancer, you own a company, you are the art director of a brand, you are looking for a job or for a partner, be aware of what your online image says about you!


Creating a consistent personal brand is massively important if you are a professional and it makes a difference when you are competing against others and wish to be chosen.


These are the steps for creating a consistent online presence:




  1. Check your Linkedin profile. Is it accurate and consistent with your CV? Is your profile picture professional, sharp and up to date? If necessary, hire a copywriter to rewrite your CV and a photographer to take your headshot.
  2. Check your Facebook profile. Delete or untag any picture where you are clearly drunk, wearing pyjamas or that are too personal (unless your profile is private). Pay attention to what you write and share. Facebook can inform people of what your true personality is like, which can be a good thing, but perhaps not ideal if you are trying to cultivate a professional image.



We know that keeping all these social media accounts up to date sounds like a second job. If you can’t afford to pay someone to manage your profile, we’d recommend you focus on one channel, and do it properly. Choose Instagram if you are more visual, Twitter if you communicate better through words. Post your content but don’t forget to follow, share and engage with colleagues, collaborators and potential clients. That’s the purpose of social media, be social!



If you really want to qualify yourself as an expert in your field, then start sharing your knowledge online. The best way to do this is to create a blog or a YouTube channel. Blog content needs to be written in perfect grammar and with an SEO focus, that’s why we recommend you write a draft of the article and have it checked by a copywriter before publishing. Also, articles are much more captivating if accompanied by a photo! You can find free source pictures online, but the best way to stand out is by having your own pictures taken by a professional.


YouTube videos can go viral if they share amazing content! That’s why you might want to hire a professional to help you make great videos people remember.


This article has been written by the team members of studiobordin, who are specialists in Personal Brand Photography.


If you want to ramp up your on-line presence with great pictures representing you and your brand, visit their website or email:


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