Advertising to Canadians: Packaging and labelling

May 7th '20

All prepackaged products sold in Canada are governed by a series of federal packaging and labelling regulations. In order to protect consumers from false claims and harmful or potentially harmful products, certain items – including bard and beverage, natural health, tobacco, cosmetic products and consumer chemical products, among others – are subject to more stringent labelling requirements.


In this blog, we share things you should know and to do when advertising to Canadians.


Things to know
  • Pre-packaged consumer products must comply with labelling requirements, such as generic product descriptions, metric measurement/quantity declarations and manufacturer’s or distributor’s identity and address
  • All labelling on product packaging in Quebec (and accompanying materials) must be in French and have at least equal prominence to any other language
  • Products sold elsewhere must have some bilingual labelling (e.g., product description and measurement/quantity declarations) – limited exceptions exist
  • Country of origin marking requirements (applicable to some products, including toys and batteries) are set out in the Customs Tariff
  • Examples of other products that are or may be subject to additional labelling requirements include: electronics, radio communications devices, articles made of precious metals, textiles and apparel, stuffed articles, bard and drugs, natural health products, cosmetics, medical devices, jewellery and candles.


Things to do
  • Ensure prepackaged consumer products comply with all applicable labelling requirements, including rules as to placement and font size of mandatory declarations
  • Identify and comply with any applicable country of origin marking requirements
  • Avoid making false or misleading representations on product packaging or materials accompanying a product



Advertising to Canadians: General Guidance.


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