Overview of compliance marketing in Europe

Sep 15th '23

Compliance marketing is becoming increasingly important in Europe, as companies must comply with a variety of regulations and standards governing advertising and marketing practices. One of the most significant regulation is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires companies to obtain explicit consent from individuals before collecting and using their personal data for marketing purposes.


Other regulations that companies need to be aware of when conducting marketing activities in Europe include the ePrivacy Directive, the Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices, and national advertising regulations in each member state.


To ensure compliance, companies are advised to carefully review and update their marketing strategies, and to ensure that they have the necessary technical and organizational measures in place to safeguard individuals’ personal data.


In the case of non-compliance with these regulations, companies may face severe consequences, including hefty fines and damage to their reputations. Therefore, companies must prioritize compliance marketing in their European operations.


  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – All businesses in Europe need to comply with the GDPR to protect personal data of EU citizens.
  2. ePrivacy Regulation – The ePrivacy Regulation applies to electronic communication service providers and regulates the processing of personal data in electronic communication.
  3. Consumer Protection Laws – Regulations related to consumer protection laws are the EU’s Unfair Commercial Practices Directive and Consumer Rights Directive, which set out rules that define what constitutes unlawful, misleading, and aggressive practices.
  4. Competition Law – The EU’s competition law sets out prohibitions on anti-competitive practices, including cartels and the abuse of a dominant position.
  5. Advertising Standards – The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) set out high operational standards for advertising self-regulatory systems, as set out in the Best Practice Model and EASA’s Charter. EASA also provides a space for the advertising ecosystem to work together at the European and international levels to address common challenges and make sure advertising standards are future-proofed.
  6. Online Identification and Authentication – Rules apply to businesses when verifying the identity and authenticity of their customers through online channels.
  7. Product Safety Regulations – Regulations aim to ensure that products made, sold, and imported into the EU are safe for consumers.
  8. Anti-Bribery and Corruption Acts – The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and Bribery Act 2010 are required to be followed by businesses operating in Europe.
  9. Financial and accounting laws – The European Union has several laws that enforce good accounting practices and require businesses to file accurate financial statements every year.


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Why is compliance important in marketing?

Marketing compliance standards protect consumers so that they are not lied to, tricked, or misled by businesses. These compliance laws also ensure that a person’s privacy rights are protected and that they have an option regarding which type of information a brand collects and how they communicate with that business.


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