YOUR business YOUR marketing department

May 6th '16

YOUR business YOUR marketing department

Outsourcing is well established, and whether you want to reduce your marketing costs, get better results, we could help.


Our experienced team of copywriters, designers, Media & PR, Marketing Campaigns & Event Management, marketing and compliance marketing experts, can be your team. Whether you need ongoing support or ad hoc help, our services could meet your needs. For smaller firms, who can’t justify or afford employing specialist resources, we are their first line of defense. For larger firms we can help fill the gaps and provide specialist services such as design, PR, Copywriting or advertisement reviews.


We can also manage projects, which internal teams can’t cope for a number of reasons.


We have professional services backgrounds, specialist knowledge and skills, particularly in financial services marketing.


Our industries also cover other advertising sectors. Here are just a few examples:


Drink (Alcoholic), E-Cigarettes, Broadband, Online gaming, Gambling, Entertainment, Retail, Sport, Travel and Tourism, Energy, technology, financial services. We can also work extensively with other professional services firms such as solicitors and accountants.


Do you lack a specific expertise?

Effective marketing organisations require a wide range of expertise. A typical group may include strategists, analysts, marketing compliance professionals, technologists, product specialists, professionals, creatives, brand managers, event organizers, e-commerce experts, other advertising specialists, telemarketers, copywriters, alliance managers.


There are times when some of those are unavailable. Take a look at Our Services


Do you manage costs efficiently?

Specific costs of outsourcing might appear to be higher than doing it internally, but it doesn’t have to be. For regulated firms getting marketing wrong can bring large fines, brand damage, and other penalities. Something you can risk.


Your business is unique, and so are the solutions we tailor for you – we don’t believe in offering one-size-fits-all packages.


Are you a small firm and need to grow more rapidly?

During a high growth phase, it is usually faster and often cheaper to outsource. Getting to market quickly with a new product, offer, or distribution channel is very difficult in today’s market. Key functions must be identified, hired, and trained before execution. This process can take months.


Acquiring another company?

An increasing number of corporate acquisitions, mergers, etc. have been a fact of life for many years. While these combinations and divestitures create new marketing opportunities, they also result in a proliferation of incompatible systems, databases, record formats, relationships, and processes.


Launching new product or customer channel?

Developing a new customer channel or product is in some ways analogous to managing through an acquisition process. Each addition creates new opportunities and pitfalls. There is a heavy cultural element to most marketing campaigns.


Multi campaigns that span point-of-sale, advertising, PR, direct mail, e-mail, and the Internet require particular care. Cultural differences exist not just in different languages and geographies, but also in communications channels. Effective direct mail techniques do not necessarily translate well to an e-mail campaign. You may need an integrated television and radio advertising campaign, but the media have quite different dynamics.


Implementing a new marketing channel requires a level of expertise that many, perhaps most, companies simply do not have. Outsourcing them or using outside resources to supplement internal resources is generally a good idea.


What we do

We work as an expert provision in a range of skilled marketing areas in order to provide organisations with capacity when needed the most.


You need a marketing function but don’t want the stress or cost to recruit someone at the senior level you need.


You have an existing marketing team in place but they are currently busy and managing other or ongoing marketing campaigns – so we could step in and take over a new project so that it can be delivered smoothly.


You need a new product/ campaign launching and don’t have the resource.


We can be Retained or provide On-Demand Support  as an extension or bolt on to your current marketing team and provide skilled marketing experts to manage your business needs, this could be in:


  • Developing a Product Launch
  • Creating PR buzz in the media
  • Managing Social Media
  • Write compelling wording for your marketing material and customer communications in a way that is engaging to the reader
  • Bring your brand and identity to life
  • Business & marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy, policy, training and coaching
  • Digital marketing planning and delivery
  • Advertising reviews


To discuss how we can support your business with a bespoke marketing solution, please contact us.


At LS Consultancy, we offer a complete solution with a range of cost effective, regulatory compliance and marketing products and solutions which are uniquely suited to supporting firms.


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