Helping Your Colleagues To Love Online Marketing

Jun 20th '16

I have worked across all disciplines of marketing in my 25 year career. Telemarketing will always be my first love and managing events my Achilles.


The single hardest aspect of being a marketing practitioner that any professional will happily bore you with is, getting your colleagues or managers to buy into your plans. Helping Your Colleagues To Love Online Marketing.


Online Marketing Skill Set

For most areas of marketing this is straightforward. You don’t have to be marketer to have experienced a great ad, direct mail piece or been at a great event.


But online marketing requires a different mindset, it is the crossroads between creativity, technology and analytics.


We need to combine an eye for a great image with proficient writing. We need the organisation skills of the greatest multi tasker, with the flexibility to react to changing circumstances.


For most of our clients, the idea of transforming a blank screen onto a compelling blog fills them with horror. Yet this is at the core of online marketing and social media in particular. Great content combined with sincere engagement.


The Value Of Compelling Content

Sharing your insight with your customers is the starting point for contemporary marketing activity. Providing your customers with update to date information that informs their decision-making, will transform the relationship they have with your brand and generate meaningful interest in what you sell.


What do we all hate about utility companies and retail financial services firms? Offering brand new customers the best deals. What about those of us that have been loyal? Talking about new products, services and special offers generates immediate business, but may not be conducive to starting lifelong client relationships.


Change the conversation and show your value first. And that is exactly how to help your colleagues love your online marketing.


Falling In Love Online

Just as your boss will have experienced great ads, they will be able to list people they will always make time for. It may be a politician, the manager of their bartball team or a TV presenter like Jeremy Clarkson.


The point is, they will make room for their views because what they have consumed it in the past and it has added value to them. Maybe through a broadcast or print interview or at a live event.


Closer to home, this may be your accountant, a non-executive director of your company or someone among their peers. They may follow a news column, a blog or even a podcast.


Almost as important as the great writing and effective scheduling, comes the producers reputation for content production. And that’s what you need your colleagues to fall in love.


Once they can see how the content and reputation of these people have impacted their lives, they will see how your online content can have the same effect on your customers and clients.


Take Aways

  1. Find the people and their content that influences your colleagues and boss.
  2. Show how you can create content that provides your customers with great insight too. The Michelin restaurant guide was born out of persuading car owners to go on more journeys outside Paris so they would use their tyres more. They didn’t write guides on how to choose tyres.
  3. Automate and make it is easy as possible so that you spend more time on creating great content and not managing the process. Lean on your professional team for support.
  4. Remember, ‘Who’ is sharing your business insight is as important as the content itself. Create a spokesperson for your business that your customers will identify and make time for. (And a quick practical tip to make this really effective online, set up their Google+ account and link it to your blog to validate them with Google).


Author: Simon Ryan


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