Advertising to Canadians: Online behavioural / targeted advertising

May 28th '20

Online behavioural advertising involves tracking consumers’ online activities, across sites and over time in order to deliver advertisements targeted to their inferred interests. Behavioural advertisers often use sophisticated algorithms to analyze the collected data, build detailed personal profiles of users, and assign them to various interest categories. Interest categories are used to present ads defined as relevant to users in those categories.


In this blog, we share things you should know and to do when advertising to Canadians.


Things to know
  • Canadian privacy regulators take the position that the information involved in tailoring ads for users based on their online activities or contact information generally constitutes personal information
  • Opt-out consent for online behavioural advertising (OBA) is generally considered reasonable, provided certain conditions are met


Things to do
  • Provide notice to individuals at the time or before the OBA data flow takes place in a manner that is clear and understandable using communication methods such as online banners, layered approaches, and interactive tools
  • Provide information about the various parties involved in online behavioural advertising
  • Ensure individuals are able to easily opt-out
  • Ensure the opt-out takes effect immediately and is persistent
  • Do not collect or use, to the extent practicable, sensitive personal information
  • Destroy personal information as soon as possible or effectively de-identify it
  • Ensure that your practices comply with the relevant guidance and decisions of Canadian privacy regulators



Advertising to Canadians: General Guidance.


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