Marketing ideas for small businesses

Apr 14th '21

Just when you thought the hard work was done, along comes another huge challenge! You have successfully launched your small business, but now it’s the tricky part. You have to market your business.


This process of marketing your small business can be extremely confusing, not to mention overwhelming. There is a plethora of marketing options, tools, and advice available, that the whole thing can just make you want to bury your head under a pillow.


Well, don’t!


Why Is Marketing So Important To My Business?

It’s simple – the whole point of marketing is to get the word out about your business. Its job is to build awareness around your brand, attract an audience, and turn them into consumers. In a small business, this can be a little more challenging, as you might have fewer resources than bigger competitors.


Don’t panic.

We will help guide you through the maze by sharing some of our top creative marketing ideas for your business.


Having a strong online presence is vital for any successful business – whatever its size. The majority of people learn about companies online more than any other medium, so it is important to make your presence known.


As a business owner, digital marketing is a brilliant way to track your return on marketing investment, as well as optimise your products or your brand. A great marketing plan will provide you with content and structure as you grow. If cost is a factor for you, then don’t worry. Not all marketing tools and tactics will break the bank, in fact some are free.


So what are you waiting for? Your ideal customer is online right now searching for something that you can offer. You don’t want to miss out on their search.


Check out our top creative marketing ideas that you can get started with. Our list of 14 marketing ideas is perfect for making your business stand out. Simple yet effective marketing ideas for your business.


1 – Social media

This might seem like an obvious choice, but there are so many small businesses that are not utilizing the plethora of social media platforms, and their amazing functionalities, available.


However, this doesn’t mean use every social media platform out there. Just because they are all available, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are all right for you and your business. Do a little research, see where your customers hang out and see what feels comfortable for you. You can then implement these into a social media plan.


You could even use each platform in a different way. For example, Twitter is great as a customer service tool, and Instagram is a brilliant way to share beautiful imagery and give a behind the scenes look to your business.


2 – Customer referrals

Word of mouth marketing is a great little tool for small businesses and one you shouldn’t overlook. A customer referral scheme is a perfect way to utilize this tool.


It is also very simple. You can offer an existing customer an incentive to refer a friend. A little freebie in the shape of a discount off their next order, free delivery, a free download, or even a sample product. Everyone loves a freebie, and by giving potentials something they want, you can get something your business needs – emails for your database.


3 – Start a blog

A blog should be a vital aspect of your content marketing strategy, as it is one of the most cost-effective options for small businesses.


When done right, a good blog will help boost your SEO, it can convert readers into consumers and drive more visitors to your website. They help establish your authority in your industry by creating trust and confidence in your brand, as well as being a great engagement and sales tool.


If you are going to create a blog, remember to post consistently with high-quality articles. You can get even more tips and tricks for successful blogging here.


4 – Run a free webinar

Remember how we said that we all love a freebie? Well, this is a way to offer a freebie while establishing your expertise.


A free clinic or webinar will entice your customers with an offer they can’t refuse! They are a great way to help potential customers or other businesses get to know you and your brand. Offer a topic that will be valuable to your ideal customer, and give them useful and relevant information that will lead them to your services.


This small business marketing idea can take place in the form of a Facebook or Instagram live, or even a pre-recording. Take comments from your audience and give insight into your business.


5 – Consider guest posting

Guest posting is a fairly simple yet effective creative marketing idea. You will need to do your research on websites that both accept guest posts and contribute guest posts. This way, you can write posts for other sites and feature guest writers on your site.


Remember to always read the guidelines for the particular site you pitch to, and adhere to them in your copy. Your author’s bio is where you can link to your business, so keep the content of your post useful, engaging, and non-salesy!


Guest posts have the power to introduce your business to a whole new audience, so it is worth looking into.


6 – Create a press release

Why not add PR under your list of skills? Research how to create a press release, and write one up about your business, a product, or even yourself. The point of a press release is to inform members of the press about something newsworthy, in the hope that they will write about it online or in print.


Remember to keep it interesting, informative, and even entertaining. Great imagery will also go a long way, so keep those design skills in mind. If you don’t have access to a media database, then lookup press release distribution tools. There are a number available, and some of them are even free!


7 – Run a competition

Who doesn’t love a competition? There is something so deliciously enticing about entering a free competition, even if the prize isn’t that amazing. Competitions are a great way to gather potential customer data, such as emails, as well as spreading the name and credentials of your business.


Here is where you can really utilize your social media, by running your competition on one of your platforms. Use the competition to grow your audience by making the rules to like, comment, and share your post. A very easy (and cheap) way to build your audience.


8 – Team up with another brand

Why not team up with a complimentary brand or business and run a contest together? If you both market the content on your individual accounts, then you will be introduced to a whole new audience. Win-win for both of you.


Again, include like, commenting, sharing, and liking the other brand’s page, part of the rules. The work and prize will be split, but the reward definitely won’t be.


9 – Team up with an Influencer

There are so many influencers on social media, that it is hard to keep track of them. However, that is a good thing, as this idea involves teaming up with an influencer who is relevant to your market.


And we guarantee that there are plenty of them to approach.


Research influencers who you think your ideal customer will follow and reach out to them. They may be interested in working with you. There are a lot of rules that they need to follow in order to be transparent with their followers, but even so, teaming up with an influencer can do amazing things for your brand.


10 – Free downloads

A free download is a good option if your business is service-related. Create something valuable, such as hints and tips related to your industry, a useful tool, a video containing interesting data, a guide etc.


The key is to make it interesting, relevant and above all useful to your target customer. Offer the download in exchange for their email address, and you are on your way to creating a email database.


11 – Research keyword opportunities

This goes hand in hand with our previous marketing idea. Keywords are imperative to a successful  SEO plan for your small business. These are the words that your ideal customer is actually searching the web for right now.


It is an extension of buyer persona research. Find the best keywords that relate to your specific buyer persona, and then use a keyword tool (there are lots of good free ones) to find the perfect keywords. Then all you have to do is feed the words and phrases into your website content. Easy!


12 – Get your SEO up to scratch

If you are unfamiliar with SEO, then now is the time to learn about this invaluable skill. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a fancy way of saying; making your website look good for Google and easy to navigate for your customer! Having your content formatted in a search engine friendly way will help drive traffic to your website. This is an important marketing strategy for small businesses.


Your content, however well written, won’t ever be seen if it isn’t optimised for web. You don’t have to pay a professional to help you with this if money is tight. Just do some homework and make a few key tweaks and changes to get the most out of your website. It’s worth it.


13 – Social media ads

Most social media sites offer affordable advertising options that will also help target your posts to your key customers and audience.


It might be worth experimenting with this creative marketing idea, to see if you can reach your ideal customers. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram all allow brands to advertise, so it is just a case of seeing which would work best for you.


14 – Register your Google Business

You can also create a Facebook business page, which is amazing for customers to leave reviews and testimonials, but do not make fake ones. Having high reviews can help your ranking online and your search ranking, so don’t underestimate the power of these essential yet creative marketing tools.


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