Guidelines on marketing communications under the Regulation on cross-border distribution of funds

Feb 7th '22

These guidelines apply to UCITS management companies, including any UCITS which has not designated a UCITS management company, Alternative Investment Fund Managers, EuVECA managers and EuSEF managers.


The Guidelines should apply to all marketing communications addressed to investors or potential investors for UCITS and AIFs, including when they are set up as EuVECAs, EuSEFs, ELTIFs and MMFs. Examples of documents that may be considered as marketing communications include, inter alia:


  1. All messages advertising for a UCITS or an AIF, regardless of the medium, including paper printed documents or information made available in electronic format, press articles, press releases, interviews, advertisements, documents made available on the internet, as well as webpages, video presentations, live presentations, radio messages or factsheets.
  2. Messages broadcasted on any social media platform, when such messages refer to any characteristics of a UCITS or an AIF, including the name of the UCITS or the AIF. For the purpose of these guidelines, the term “social media” should be understood as any technologies which enable social interaction and the creation of collaborative content online, such as blogs and social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Discord etc.) or discussion forums, accessible by any means (in particular electronic means, via a computer or mobile applications for example).
  3. Marketing material addressed individually to investors or potential investors, as well as documents or presentations made available by a UCITS management company, an AIFM, a EuVECA manager or a EuSEF manager to the public on its website or in any other places (fund manager’s registered office, distributor’s office, etc.).
  4. Communications advertising a UCITS or an AIF addressed to investors or potential investors located both in the home Member State of the fund manager or in a host Member State.
  5. Communications by a third party and used by a UCITS management company, an AIFM, a EuVECA manager, or a EuSEF manager for marketing purposes.


Guidelines apply 6 months after the date of the publication of the guidelines on ESMA’s website in all EU official languages.


Download: Guidelines on marketing communications under the Regulation on cross-border distribution of funds – 02/08/2021


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