How to create interesting marketing content from boring topics

Oct 25th '19

One of the challenges of being a Marketer in financial or professional services is that your area of business is – let’s say – not always the most exciting.


You don’t have the luxury of a ‘sexy’ sector like fashion or cars to talk about. And yet content marketing remains the pre-eminent strategy – and one you can’t afford to ignore.


Here we explore how you can tap into the power of content – even when your industry is less than thrilling.


Why is content king when it comes to marketing?

There’s no doubt that content marketing is here to stay. Whether it’s because of its ability to boost your organic search rankings, or to support your potential to tell stories about your brand, content remains key to most marketing strategies.


We explored the role of content in financial services marketing in a blog earlier this year. We’ve also previously identified the most effective marketing content and how you can use it.


But when you start with an offering that’s often technical, dry and complex, how can you capitalise on these strategies? How can you turn your business topics into compelling content?


Here are a few suggestions:


  1. First, remember that one person’s ‘boring’ is another’s ‘fascinating’.

Don’t underestimate how interesting your content might be to your target audience.


It may be dry, but if your target market needs to know technical intricacies or legal details, it will be inherently of interest to them. If you can establish your firm as the ‘go to’ source of accurate, up-to-the-minute content, you’re onto a winner.


Look at what your competitors provide, and identify some niches you can adopt as your own. Even if someone else already provides content in a specific area, there’s no reason you can’t do the same – only faster, better and more compellingly.


  1. Find out what your audience wants.

Do you really know what content your target market values?


As above, topics you might dismiss as dull or irrelevant might be exactly what your audience needs to know about. Are they already catered for, or are there gaps you can exploit?


Ask what your clients and prospects would like from you; get ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ ideas on topics to cover and the types of content they most like to consume.


  1. Find interesting ways to present dry content

The subjects you cover might be technical or superficially unexciting – but the ways you deliver them doesn’t have to be.


Say you need to find a way to talk about new legislation. The default approach might be a whitepaper, blog or article.


But how about a videoed interview with one of your experts? Could you survey your clients to gauge their preparedness for the new rules? How about a quick poll on their views about the changes? If you’re after media coverage particularly, polls and surveys can be a real bonus as tend to be very well-received by journalists.


Have you thought about sharing information as an infographic or video? Podcasts are having a moment – could you tap into this increasingly-popular medium? Lengthy written documents are far from the only way to share information; our blog on content types has more ideas.


  1. Make it timely.

However engagingly you present your content, if you’re slow getting it out, your competitors will steal a march on you.


If your production processes are inefficient – perhaps you waste time on unnecessary admin, or your review and approvals processes could be better – you won’t get content to market quickly. Look at how you can make your agency briefing and review and approvals processes more efficient to get content to market as swiftly as possible.


  1. Remember compliance.

There’s no gain in producing compelling content quickly if it falls down when it comes to Compliance review.


Compliance with FCA or other regulatory requirements is a pre-requisite – and timely, robust Compliance team review processes are essential. Your team needs to be skilled at creating content that’s both creative and compliant. And brand compliance can be as important here as technical accuracy – do you need to appoint a brand guardian to make sure your branding is on track?


Introducing an element of automation to your processes can have a positive impact here, speeding and smoothing your marketing project management. Getting your material out swiftly ensures that your work on producing creative content is rewarded.


Make the most of your content-producing potential

Even if you work in a less-than-exciting sector, this blog has hopefully shown that there are ways you can make your content engaging, imaginative and relevant. And – if you’re in a regulated firm – ensure that compliance isn’t lost along the way.


If you want your content to meet FCA requirements, you may benefit by reminding yourself of the rules around financial promotions.


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