How to produce quality content in less time

Mar 13th '17

There’s no argument about the importance of high-quality marketing content.


In many ways, content marketing has levelled the playing field. There’s no reason a start-up shouldn’t produce writing of equal quality and volume as an established corporate. This is both an opportunity and a threat, depending on which side of the fence you sit on!


  • Quality is increasingly important

Quality content is the bedrock of your content marketing methodology. It’s how you engage people on social media, with shares and likes.


It’s how you drive traffic to your website, and convert prospects to clients who rely on you as a source of trusted guidance and information.

With new research showing that social media is increasingly driving buying decisions, you need to be posting regularly, sharing relevant and useful materials.


And with the artificial intelligence behind search engines growing cleverer, and increasingly able to make nuanced decisions about the value of webpages – you’re not just writing to give your audience something interesting to read, you’re taking a vital step to ensure your online visibility.


  • Speeding production without compromising quality

But while quality is a must – this is the real world.


We don’t have endless time to craft the perfect piece of writing. Deadlines are short. The business is demanding. You need to create content faster than ever.


When hitting deadlines is crucial, is there always a trade-off between high quality and high speed?


Finding a way to produce marketing materials in less time – crucially, without sacrificing quality – this is the holy grail of marketers.


But how do you achieve it?


Luckily, you just need a few tools in your toolbox and tips to make the most of them.


Follow our 5 hints below and you will be able to produce high-quality content faster.


  • Save time with pre-designed templates and pre-approved wording

How much time do you spend really fine-tuning your writing and how much do you spend re-inventing the wheel?


On-brand templates for frequently-produced client-facing documents save significant time and legwork. And if you regularly use the same form of words – for example, about AUM or other company information – having a library of pre-Compliance-approved wording can also save you time.


  • Sharpen up your project management

Getting everyone on the same page is the first step in speeding your production process. Whether it’s via more efficient agency briefing, collaborative reviewing or pain-free approvals processes, good project management is a must.


Make the most of all the time-saving opportunities available to you. Make it easy to review web content while it’s in development to make sure it looks good and is mobile-friendly – rather than having to make changes once it’s live.


If your project management could do with improvement, explore the benefits of automated workflows to smooth your journey to sign-off.


  • Speed the approvals process

Whether it’s your Marketing Director or your internal client within the business, getting sign-off is a vital part of the production cycle. In a regulated business like financial services, the need for Compliance team approval adds another layer of admin that needs to be ticked off before you can publish.


There are ways to make this process faster. A good marketing automation tool will enable collaborative reviewing, allowing all parties to make simultaneous changes. This significantly reduces the Marketing team’s admin, minimises the paper trail and makes it far quicker to get materials to market.


  • Get on the front foot when it comes to Compliance

Aside from making the approvals process quicker, there’s another hack which will dramatically improve the time needed to get sign off.


Work with your Compliance team to understand what they’re looking for. Get a feel for their requirements and you will know what they can approve and what they will reject. It’s well worth the investment in time to sit down with your Head of Compliance to really understand the FCA’s financial promotions regulations. By knowing what and how to write, you can pre-empt the questions from your Compliance team and significantly reduce the changes they need to make.


  • Outsourcing can save time – but avoid the regulatory pitfalls

Outsourcing some of your content production can certainly save time – and may be a good option, particularly if you only have a small in-house team.


External expertise can be invaluable in delivering the quantity of material you need – as well as enabling you to tap into specialists with in-depth knowledge of the topics you want to cover.


If you’re regulated, don’t forget, though, that there are particular rules on outsourcing, and that anyone you outsource to needs to meet the FCA’s standards in the same way you do.


Take these tips on board and you can radically speed up your writing and production – and feed the ever-growing demand for quality content.


If you want to read more how to produce marketing materials more quickly and easily, with painless compliance approval, you can download Perivan Technology’s whitepaper on the benefits of automated workflow systems. It’s free and you can download a copy here.


Source: Perivan Technology


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