How to manage your time better

Feb 20th '19

There are many books, podcasts, and articles that have tips on time management.


When it comes right down to it though, how we manage our time can sometimes look different to everyone. All of these things are great to keep in mind whenever you’re creating a time management structure that works best for you, along with the everyday tasks and priorities that you want to include within your schedule. There are a few key practices that are always great to implement to allow for a smoother, less stressful workflow.


4 Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Set an action plan at the beginning of the month or week to have an idea of what’s in store.
  2. Categorise the things that are the most important so that you can check those off your list first.
  3. Finish each task without jumping into another one. Sometimes multi-tasking can get the best of us!
  4. It’s always okay to say no to events/get-togethers to check more things off of your to-do list. 


Once you’ve tracked your time for a week or so and begin to see the patterns on your worksheet, come up with a separate list of things you would like to allot time for each day and try to implement that within your schedule.


5 Main Categories to Track Your Time In:

  • WORK: tasks, meetings, events
  • FITNESS: workouts, classes, health goals
  • PERSONAL: family, get-togethers
  • SELF-CARE: therapy, spa day, hobbies
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: posting schedule, blog posts, etc.


Categorising the things that you’re working on each day will allow you to see where you’re directing most of your time. This, in turn, will help you also to shift a few things around if you need to and make room for other higher priority items throughout the week.


How to Make Time Management Fun:

  • Find a fun and aesthetically pleasing planner.
  • Get colorful pens to take notes with!
  • Use stickers for visuals and appointment categorizing.
  • Download our Time Management Tracker below!


Download Our Time Management Tracker Here!


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