Write Like You Are On A First Date

May 25th '17

We’ve all been there haven’t we? The date from hell with the person who just won’t stop talking about where they’ve been, what they’ve done or why you should feel so privileged to be sat with them in the first place!

Or the date who doesn’t recognise any of the signs that you clearly aren’t interested in their topic of conversation, unable to identify what’s going to float your boat and they just keep ploughing on regardless.

For a successful first date it helps if you know something about who you’re meeting in the first instance so that you can concentrate conversation on areas of shared compatibility, or have some questions up your sleeve that you know will be of interest to them i.e. they are into theatre so have they seen the recent production of Hamlet at the National Theatre?

Writing for your target audience should be treated in much the same way as the preparation and behaviour you’d do for a first date. Don’t use slang or be too over familiar, remember you’re trying to entice them with subtle guiders that reassure them that you get them, that you understand what makes them tick and why you’re just the person to help them out.

Only then do you talk about yourself, your history and finally onto the killer question ‘Can I see you again?’. Putting the effort in and concentrating on their needs will pay dividends, so when you’re writing for marketing always ask yourself ‘would I agree to go on a second date if I was sent this?’.

Author: Denise Wilton

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