How to use content marketing to improve your social media engagement

Oct 25th '18

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating high-quality content, of which is valuable, engaging and informative. The high-quality content should attract a large audience, whilst also promoting a brand, product, or service.


If done right content marketing is the process of stimulate the interest of individuals, to a standard of which they would distribute your content for you in many cases.


The distribution of your content would be through increased engagement, liking, following and practically sharing your content as it is seen to be of interest, value, or entertaining.


Content marketing increases brand preference, of which helps establish your brand as a authority within your industry. Increased authority within your industry will help strengthen your brand/business and attract that larger audience you desire.


Look at content marketing as your number one choice to advertise for FREE, yes thats right it is a perfect way to spread your brand or business for free if done right.


Many businesses create lets say a video advert and post in to social media, then pay to boost it locally to increase engagement in hopes of making some sales or getting some attention for their business.


Now imagine that video was so entertaining that people wanted to share and tag their friends so they also see this entertaining video. Perhaps the video was so educational that people who have seen it are astounded with what they have learnt, so they decide they want to tag and share it with their friends.


This is content marketing done right, it is you quality content getting the traction it deserves from the time and effort you put into crating this piece of content.


Benefits of effective content marketing:


  • Increases reachability due to value of your content.
  • Increased engagement, of which would lead to further reach without advertising costs.
  • Usable content for future redistribution, if you create valuable content its always a good idea to re-share that content in the future.
  • Lower advertising budget, as your content will have a higher reach organically through the value it holds with the audience.


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