Climate change and the environment: a question for you…

Jun 6th '22

Environmental claims in your ads? Read this so you don’t get banned for greenwashing.


Major brands are increasingly falling foul of the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK over environmental claims made in their ads. No matter how well-intentioned your message, there are rules to follow if you don’t want to see your ad banned next. So here’s the ASA’s director of complaints and investigations Miles Lockwood on the pitfalls you must avoid.


A question for you

If I asked you what connects plastic bottles, powered e-scooters, oat and almond milk drinks and singing otters, you’d probably struggle to come up with a rational response.


But at the ASA we’ve become aware that these seemingly disparate things do have something very important in common for marketers.


What connects them is they’re all related to ads that the ASA has recently banned for making misleading claims about the environment. And in all cases, although the marketer thought they were making a case for their product or service and its positive impact on the environment, they tripped up in the process.


Read the full article, here.


Source: The Drum


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