Best 13 free ways to promote your business

Jun 5th '23

A crucial step in the success of an internet business is marketing and promotion. However, it is highly expensive for new firms. Don’t overlook the numerous free promos available to you. You’re unsure about where to begin.


Best 13 free ways to promote your business:


1. Write guest articles for various websites

Posting as a guest on a blog website has a few notable advantages. Linking to the audience of that website may benefit you, and you might start positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry.


Guest posting can occasionally be considerably more beneficial than submitting to your blog because it gives you access to a known readership and a greater domain name authority. In addition, you can link back to your website from the article, giving you an inbound link that strengthens your domain authority and could improve the ranking of your website in search results.


2. Answer Quora’s questions

Aside from the sizable built-in audience, your business can respond directly to inquiries from potential customers. It enables you to trade top-notch potential leads and establish your company as an authority in most fields.


3. Create articles for LinkedIn

Connecting with professionals on LinkedIn is a system that explains why it has a great place on shared blog articles. You may showcase your expertise in your field by blogging on LinkedIn.


Your family, friends, and other LinkedIn users will debate and participate in your articles, providing free exposure for you. If you don’t publish and promote articles on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a significant opportunity because nearly half of social networking visitors to B2B business websites come from LinkedIn.


4. Give interviews for podcasts produced by other businesses.

Which platforms your staff should prioritise can be determined by to determine which platforms your staff members ought to emphasise. Finding out where your consumer is now consuming the variety of your advertising platform is crucial. Some of your audience members might like podcast listening to reading content. Speak to a couple businesses with pitches and podcast interview ideas to reach those folks.


5. In your email signature, promote your website.

It is unfortunate for individuals who do not make advantage of the promotional possibilities of your email signature, given all the emails you send every day. Your email signature might also suddenly be used to promote a deal, a contest, an occasion, or perhaps a fresh blog post.


6. Send e-newsletters 

An email newsletter can be a useful tool for promoting content, talking about business-related topics, and developing closer relationships with both current and potential clients. Numerous free tools are available to help you create, send, and optimise your newsletter. Your brand will be established as important and enlightening by sharing good articles with prospects and potential clients through an email newsletter, which is the optimal time investment.


An easy approach to entice new audiences to check out and join a social networking channel or site is to host an item giveaway or competition. Additionally, giving away inexpensive branded items like t-shirts or mugs is a great way to promote your business.


7. Publish videos to YouTube

Over two billion people subscribe to YouTube, with about half of those people being online. 84% of respondents to a recent poll claimed that watching a new video persuaded them to make a purchase. When compared to other types of material, people claim that sharing videos with friends is twice as likely.


One of the most successful ways to promote your brand is by making YouTube videos that are interesting, educational, and shareable. If you do it well, viewers of your YouTube videos will find your articles amusing enough to discuss them and visit your website.


8. Profit from your collaborations

Partnerships give you the ability to offer supplemental services that you do not currently offer. On instance, a website design company and a copywriting service can decide to collaborate so that when a client needs articles produced for her website pages, the website design company can offer copywriting services through their spouse.


As a result, there are more satisfied customers and fantastic advertising chances. Your spouse will direct their clients in your direction if they require your solutions.


9. Social networking articles

Social networking is a key component of most advertising tactics nowadays. Thankfully, the majority of social networking platforms and articles are free to use, even for businesses. Even though many programmes let you market, if you’re on a tight budget, you can still tweet or post for nothing.


Choose the projects that best suit your users. Then, images link to texts, movies, or other media about your company, the market you intend to target, or recent product launches. They all have a sizable user base and provide a way to exchange text, video, images, and links to content. Visit this site to learn more about different forms of social networking.


10. Try out several video and photo programmes.

While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be excellent places to start, moving your strategy to another platform, like Instagram or even Pinterest, can provide you more opportunities to showcase products or use the very visual style of influencer marketing.


Most social media platforms, like Facebook, offer live videos and narrative features that could enable you to create video advertisements for your services or products in addition to raising awareness with free images of your company’s goods or services. You might, for instance, utilise Facebook Live or Instagram Stories at a store to print instructions on how to use your products.


Since these images and videos are shared on social media, you may increase their shareability by adding hashtags, coming up with clever captions, and asking viewers to leave comments or “likes” on them.


11. Encourage current customers to leave online reviews

Customers anticipate hearing various consumer viewpoints, especially when there are numerous lovely testimonials. If you have regular customers, ask them to leave a review of their skills on well-known review sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Google. If you don’t already have one, create a Facebook Business page if you want great reviews on Facebook.


12. Include Your Business in Online Directories

Make sure your company is listed in the appropriate web directory. Find the most well-known ones, such as Yale, Yelp, and Thomson Local. However, other companies or regional directories are ideal. Make sure your company listing is added only to directories that are relevant to your business and that they are free of spam.


13. Utilize blogging tools

Even if the blog for the website looks stunning, it could upset you if carefully created content isn’t receiving the attention you believe it should. Spending time crafting a top post just to have two people read it can be upsetting, especially if you’re just starting out. When it comes to increasing your exposure, blogging platforms like Moderate might be helpful.



You should use your own time to promote your company if you don’t have enough money to spend on marketing. Some of the above-mentioned free tactics will produce immediate results, which may be useful. It can take a week or several months before the results start to show.


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