What trends should Marketers look out for in 2019?

Jan 11th '19

A New Year is a great opportunity to revisit your strategy. To take a fresh look at your approach and identify areas where you could brush up your techniques.


Whether that’s adopting new technologies, moving into new delivery channels, or just sharpening up your current approach – it’s a good time to review and overhaul.


We’ve done our research and curated some of the recurring themes among the many marketing predictions for 2019. Read on and find out where you’ll be focusing your time over the coming 12 months…



A round-up of B2B marketing trends on forbes.com puts personalisation top of the list.


This is echoed by a similar list published by marketingland.com, which defines personalisation as ‘putting the right content in front of the right customers’ and predicts that ‘email programs will become even more personalized and more interactive, and as a result, more effective at driving revenue and brand loyalty’.


Achieving results with personalised content relies on having your data up straight. Personalisation that misses the mark due to failings in data management isn’t going to win you any fans.


And of course, you need to keep on the right side of the new data rules that came into force in 2018 – the ubiquitous GDPR and the new Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) rules which came into force in November.


Using the data at your disposal to create bespoke content for your audience will enable you to create the most effective marketing content strategy and ultimately, maximise engagement with your content marketing.



Speaking of content, the need for quality is another key trend. The marketingland.com predictions state that ‘In 2019 we can expect consumer expectations for quality content to increase – it’s become an annual tradition’.


This is echoed by digitalmarketinginstitute.com in its round-up of 8 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2019. The Institute also recognises the need for personalised content that’s highly targeted, saying that there is ‘an increasing emphasis on nuance in content…a renewed interested in looking more deeply into who the intended recipients are’.


There is no shortage of best practice advice around marketing content, from using the content marketing cycle to hone your approach to making the most of data from social media to fine-tune the topics you cover.


Voice search

An increase in searches by voice, rather than keyboard, has ramifications for Marketing teams. Questions are asked differently verbally, and your website needs to reflect that. It might be worth revisiting your online content to make sure your site captures terms and questions that might be used by voice as well as written search.



The forbes.com article believes that podcasts are ‘making a comeback in a big way’.


Their ‘on-demand and digestible format’ is in line with people’s preference for content on their own terms – accessing material when and how they choose to receive it, rather than when you want to make it available.


Podcasts were among our own predictions for the digital marketing trends you need to look out for in 2019, published in November. If this is a route you want to go down this year (and particularly if you work in a regulated industry), these tips for making compliant videos and podcasts will be a useful read.



The growth in mobile web use also continues. Predictions from thedrum.com believe that the advent of 5G towards the end of this year will ‘be the rocket fuel we’ve all been waiting for from a mobile data point of view. Websites will load in the blink of an eye, HD films will download in seconds…and buffering will be a distant memory’.


If this is the case, the need for mobile-friendly sites will be more important than ever. Consumers accessing content on the move will expect your site to give them what they need. And what’s more, Google will too – with sites that don’t put mobile at the heart of their design being penalised in search results.


These are just five of the many themes covered in marketing predictions for 2019 – recurring ones, cited by numerous experts. There will doubtless be others that join them, and evolving developments as the year goes on.


In a year that will see the UK’s departure from the European Union, alongside the usual raft of new legislation and innovation, the challenges facing Marketing Managers never stay still.


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