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Whether you’re a financial services start-up, scale-up or established business, we’re here to help you build and grow through effective marketing.


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Marketing Support

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Understanding your business

For our marketing solutions to be effective, we need to understand and become ingrained into your business. This can mean that we need to understand your target audience are and any key messages. You’d be surprised at how valuable these fresh insights can be and what opportunities they create to grow your business. This process enables us to create effective marketing, communication and design campaigns.



We encourage our clients to adopt an integrated marketing and communication approach, using specific marketing tools that are carefully synchronised and focused on delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time.


We help you build your marketing strategy by applying a rigorous framework which establishes your goals and aspirations, audience, story and messaging, capabilities, systems and processes.



Investing in a well-defined brand strategy will help you connect with your audience in new ways and maximise your growth.


With great branding also comes great company culture. When employees love your brand they will live your brand.



In today’s digital-first world, increasing interaction and engagement with your target audience through online marketing efforts is key to business growth and success.


We create digital marketing content that reaches, engages and nurtures your audience. With a focus on your key performance indicators, we can help you build a measurable omni-channel roadmap, delivering consistent messages to your target audience with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Influencer marketing

Did you forgot to #ad? Is your Instagram advertising missing a disclosure message?


Put simply, we help you to get things done.


Virtual marketing team

Our marketing support packages enable you to benefit from having your own virtual marketing department without going through the expensive and time-consuming process of putting together an internal team and serving their continued professional development needs.



We provide financial PR advice aimed at building and protecting your corporate reputation, whilst increasing brand awareness, trust and advocacy amongst your key stakeholders, whether they are internal (existing and potential employees) or external (investors, regulators and journalists).


As part of our PR service offering, we can work with you to determine the most suitable and prestigious industry awards for your organisation to enter. We assist you in choosing the most relevant categories and completing the application, ensuring that it fully meets the entry requirements


One-stop solution

We know that people can make or break a workplace. Our specialists are adept at integrating seamlessly into existing teams, proactively building positive working relationships. Think of us as a natural extension to your existing team. We’re here to handle all aspects of marketing delivery, so you can devote your time to doing what you do best.



We understand institutional, wholesale and retail clients’ investment process and internal nuances to help reach that final investment decision. We have extensive experience of working closely with sales teams, product specialists and fund managers to craft or refine messages for marketing materials whether it be presentations, flyers or DDQs/RFPs.


We can help you build a content journey aligned to your commercial needs which will position you as a trusted leader and specialist in your industry.


At LS Consultancy, we work both within individual teams and across many departments to offer a complete solution, with a range of cost effective, compliance solutions including copy advice and copy development.


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