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We’re an experienced, flexible team of specialists. Our fully remote capabilities make us a reliable partner in uncertain times.


We embraced remote working at an early stage during the current pandemic; much earlier than many other businesses.


We provide an efficient, consistent level of service to our clients. We expect to deliver nothing less.


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Marketing Support Services

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Understanding your business

For our marketing solutions to be effective, we need to understand and become ingrained into your business. This can mean that we need to understand your target audience are and any key messages. You’d be surprised at how valuable these fresh insights can be and what opportunities they create to grow your business. This process enables us to create effective marketing, communication and design campaigns.


Virtual marketing team

Our marketing support packages enable you to benefit from having your own virtual marketing department without going through the expensive and time-consuming process of putting together an internal team and serving their continued professional development needs.


Mix and match

We can work together to select the best match of specialist support that you need at any given time; for some we fulfil the role of an in-house team, seamlessly integrated with their business even working from their offices where the need arises, for others we may just work together on a project- by-project basis. How we work together, what we work on and how much involvement we have is your choice.


One-stop solution

We know that people can make or break a workplace. Our specialists are adept at integrating seamlessly into existing teams, proactively building positive working relationships. Think of us as a natural extension to your existing team. We’re here to handle all aspects of marketing delivery, so you can devote your time to doing what you do best.


Influencer marketing

Did you forgot to #ad? Is your Instagram advertising missing a disclosure message?


Put simply, we help you to get things done.


The compliance elephant

Marketing departments know they need to prioritise personalisation. The ability to target a prospective customer with the right message could be the difference between a new customer or a lost sale. However, the onus on personalisation in marketing has arrived in arguably the most regulated time in modern corporate history. Suddenly, marketing teams have something else to worry about beside missing conversion targets. They now have to worry about falling foul of increasingly aggressive regulations.


At LS Consultancy, we work both within individual teams and across many departments to offer a complete solution, with a range of cost effective, compliance solutions including copy advice and copy development.


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