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Dec 9th '22

Direct marketing is important. It’s an essential part of most organisations and it plays an important role in the economy. It can help you grow your business or further your aims, and it can benefit competition across markets.


Direct marketing can add value to the customer experience. It can make people aware of new products and services that they may benefit from, give them opportunities to take part in events, or find out about important causes. When done responsibly direct marketing can also increase trust and confidence in your brand or organisation.


However, direct marketing has the potential to cause nuisance to people, and in some cases it can cause them harm and distress – which is why it’s important that you know how to comply with the law.


On this page you’ll find all the guidance and information you need to support and empower your direct marketing activities so that you can achieve the benefits from it.


Guidance on direct marketing


This is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) main direct marketing guidance. It sets out the main things to consider or do when you want to do direct marketing activities. It takes you through the steps you are likely to go through.


This tells you what you need to know if you want to send electronic marketing messages (by phone, email and text), or if you want to use cookies or similar for online advertising. It also contains detailed guidance if you want to know more.


This is a simple list for small organisations who plan to use direct marketing.


If you want to send marketing to other businesses this guidance will help you to comply.


This guidance helps public authorities understand when their promotions might count as direct marketing.


This guidance provides clarity and practical advice to help those processing personal data in political campaigning to comply with the law.


If you are thinking about using the marketing services of data brokers this guidance helps you understand what you’ll need to do to comply.


Practical direct marketing resources


A step-by-step guide through the process of using information for direct marketing purposes.


Frequently asked questions for small organisations, including small businesses, small charities and sole traders.


A simple guide to the rules on sending direct marketing by phone call, electronic mail (email and text), fax and post.


A simple table listing methods of sending direct marketing along with what the PECR requirements are and what your choice of lawful basis is likely to be if you are using people’s information.


Assess your business in the area of direct marketing in line with the PECR and data protection legislation.


A training module providing information about what to do if you want to reach your customers through electronic marketing. It also looks at the use of cookies.


Source: ICO


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