Building on the data sharing code – ICO plans for updating anonymisation guidance

Mar 19th '21

Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy, and the sharing of personal data is key to opening up new opportunities. Data shared in healthcare environments can map out trends and provide new insights to improve patient care, while in the financial sector, data sharing can help to protect against money laundering and ensure individuals are protected from fraud.


In our [Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)] experience, organisations want to use and share data in a safe and legally compliant way, but can be uncertain around how to do this. That’s why we’ve got clear guidance, to help build confidence in decision making around data sharing – we know that when data is shared properly, it can lead to real benefits.


The recent ICO Data Sharing Code of Practice provides organisations with a practical guide on how to share personal data in line with data protection law. However, we recognise there are other dimensions to data sharing. The code is not a conclusion, but a milestone in this ongoing work. We will continue to provide clarity and advice in how data can be shared in line with the law. Read more…


Source: ICO. Author: Ali Shah, Head of Technology Policy