IAB UK introduces series exploring trust & effectiveness in digital

Mar 13th '23

Trust and effectiveness underpin successful advertising, but these terms can feel nebulous. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK) new content series asks IAB members to explore key themes to drill down into what trust and effectiveness really mean and how they’re interlinked.


Digital advertising evolves quickly, but some aspects remain constant. Both trust and effectiveness are essential to successful advertising – on or offline – but they have become hotly debated topics in the online sphere. How do you build trust in a digital world where privacy is paramount? What does effective advertising look like in an omnichannel world? And is the advent of AI changing our perception of human creativity?


Perspectives on Trust & Effectiveness’ is a year-long content series where IAB members will share thought-leadership pieces exploring eight core themes:


  • Getting Personal: data, privacy & building trust – how do we balance privacy and personalisation? And why is building trust with consumers so  crucial?
  • Made to Measure: proving what works  – looking at how measurement is diversifying as third-party identifiers become obsolete, including the rise of “unclickable” digital channels
  • Me, Myself & AI: the role of human creativity in an automated world – how are digital advertisers using AI to enhance their campaigns? And what are the limits of automation?
  • Long & Short: digital’s role throughout the marketing funnel – exploring the nuances within digital advertising and how brands are harnessing digital beyond tactical goals
  • An Omnichannel Future: customer-first in a digital-first world – how do you effectively combine online and offline channels to provide a seamless path to purchase?
  • Transparency: the business case for open programmatic – explore why it pays to be more transparent, and what work is being done across the supply chain to ensure that the ‘smoke and mirrors’ reputation of digital is a thing of the past
  • Investing in the right people & places – from having diversity embedded throughout teams to the media you are choosing to support, find out how investment decisions are shaping a more inclusive industry
  • The Creativity Delta: quality advertising in quality media – all too often digital creativity isn’t treated with the same craft as other media – so do quality creative and environments matter in digital advertising?


The series starts with six pieces from IAB members, which we’ll be adding to every few weeks over the next year. Read the first pieces here:


  • Azerion – The argument for fewer, better ads
  • DAIVID – How to harness AI to augment human intelligence
  • Magnite – Why an omnichannel strategy is a game changer for advertisers
  • Mediaocean – How smart use of data is driving digital effectiveness
  • RTB House – Trust & Personalisation: friend or foe?
  • Verve Group – 6 Types of Transparency: what to consider when investing in media


Source: IAB UK


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