Google’s DoubleClick launches new tools which it claims dramatically reduce marketing waste

Feb 6th '24

Phil Miles, director at DoubleClick UK – a subsidiary of Google, which develops and provides Internet ad serving – kicked off the final event of this week’s Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK Upfronts with a thought-provoking session entitled, ‘Out with the Waste’. 


This was focused on the challenge of overexposure in the digital marketing industry, which many believe is contributing to the rise of ad blocking.


“More and more media in the UK is being bought through programmatic and many are using multiple DMPs and ad networks as well,” said Miles. “Each of these buys is a frequency silo. And many consumers have multiple devices so these devices also represent frequency silos.”


For this reason, DoubleClick has been working with Nielsen over the past six months to measure the impact of this issue. And, while it plans to launch full report in January, DoubleClick chose the IAB Upfronts 2017 as an opportunity to share the preliminary results of this work into media wastage.


In brief, an average of 15% of marketing investment in campaigns has been found to be wasted due to over exposure, said Miles, who then introduced Phil Sumner, head of advertisers at Nielsen, to outline the key trends identified so far, including an uplift of almost 20% for core target audiences when wastage is redeployed. In the studies so far, consolidated buys have been found to reach an additional 18% unique individuals compared to the control groups, said Sumner.


Shop Direct’s was the first global brand to take part in the study. It found that consolidating previously siloed buys into the same buying platform reached a whopping 26% more on-target consumers. is the largest and fastest growing brand of the Shop Direct group and its brand and digital lead, Sue Varley, was also present at DoubleClick’s event. She pointed out that she had been very happy to get Nielsen validation of what she had suspected would be the case all along.


“Smart use of data is a key driver of our success,” she told the audience.


Michelle Patrick, head of display at Amplifi, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, which works closely with, said that it is important to make media work harder and in a more sequential way. She also admitted that identifying the right frequency involves some trial and error, and thereby emphasised the need for a ‘test and learn’ approach.


Next up, DoubleClick’s Jessica Nussbaum and Claire Abu-Hakima outlined some details of new tools and services now being offered DoubleClick and which it says have been designed to help to avoid overlap, wastage and overexposure in advertising. DoubleClick now offers a tool which they said can revolutionise inventory sourcing, for instance, by taking a data-driven approach. This can drive significant efficiencies in the planning process, they said, before pointing to another new functionality which means that, for the first time, advertisers can overlay audience data onto direct publisher buys, resulting in far stronger storytelling.


In order to offer another agency perspective, Jason Jutla, Head of Display, EMEA, from Essence, then shared a case study from the end of last year whereby the Financial Times had invested in ‘programmatic guaranteed with audiences.


Brand safety, transparency and premium content are important considerations for the FT, Jutla pointed out, adding that this approach had led to a 19% rise in subscriptions and an increase in unique reach of 29%. “Every publisher in UK should be offering some level of this,” he declared.


Finally, the DoubleClick team wrapped up by inciting the audience to action, claiming that some $14m had been wasted since the beginning of this afternoon’s event thanks to these ongoing inefficiencies in the marketplace, which can now be solved. “With Q4 the busiest period for advertising, think about how you can reduce frequency silos, by bringing direct buys into the programmatic landscape,” they urged.


Source & image: IAB UK


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