Engage 2024 speaker submissions now open

Feb 6th '24

Heading to a brand new venue, Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK flagship event Engage returns on Tuesday 4 June at Soho Place Theatre to inspire, entertain and celebrate the joy of digital in all its form. 




Engage promises to break down barriers, challenge the status quo and leave attendees feeling invigorated and supercharged for the months and years ahead. Join us as we come together to rediscover the joy of digital, learn from each other and hear from speakers who are unapologetically optimistic about the future of our industry.


This years theme: rediscover the joy of digital

More than any other channel, digital advertising can connect with your audience; it’s got the reach, the relevance and the creative credentials to bring your brand to life and spark genuine joy. But, it can also be a bit overwhelming – there are multiple options, relentless change, vast amounts of data and even bigger expectations. But we want to bring the joy back into digital, and this year’s Engage theme will turn its focus to rediscovering the joy of digital.


The industry is bursting with creative digital campaigns – big and small. So, we want to hear from IAB members that have something joyful to say – whether it’s the joy of digital, the joy of exploration, the joy of creativity, the joy of measurement, or the joy of inclusion, as long as it sparks joy, we want to hear from you.


Once ready, please submit your proposal via this form here by no later than 18 March.


What type of content are we looking for?

We want this years Engage to be a celebration of digital in its entirety, and bring together examples of joy from every sector, channel and pocket of the industry. While we won’t be limiting submissions to a set number of sectors, we want to hear about joyful examples in Gaming, Audio, Digital Out-Of-Home, Connected TV, Influencer Marketing, Retail Media… we could go on.


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty

  • Short & snappy sessions: successful speakers will have no longer than 10 minutes, so consider how you can have maximum impact in that time
  • Be there (IRL) or be square: we won’t accept any remote speakers, all speakers will need to be able to attend in-person the morning of the 4 June
  • This is not a hard sale, it’s a heart sale: Engage is not about selling – no sales pitches Recycle your rubbish, but not your content: we don’t want sessions that have already been part of other conferences or shared elsewhere – keep it fresh
  • No nodding panels: we’ve all sat through them before, and quite frankly life’s too short – we want juicy conversation, hot debate and sessions that will get people talking
  • Out the box thinking: switch up the format, do something different
  • Death by PowerPoint: we don’t mind the odd slide, and we’re totally here for supporting video content or visuals. But long lengthy powerpoint decks, loads of stats and numbers on screen or presenting a 30 page research deck… big no no from us. Let your words do the heavy lifting


Before pressing send on your submission, please ensure you’ve included and considered the following…


  • The detail: what the session will cover
  • How the audience will feel:what will they learn and feel after watching your session
  • Who will be on stage:the names of your proposed speakers, along with any links or supporting information about your speakers
  • Diversity is key: we want to ensure that Engage reflects and supports our diverse industry and shows that we’re taking inclusion seriously. We’re committing to a gender-balanced line-up, but also consider factors including socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicity and race, neurodiversity, physical ability, sexual orientation and age when picking your speaker/s
  • Bring the joy: how will your submission tie into the theme of rediscovering the joy of digital


Rewind Engage 2023

Looking for a taste of what to expect? Watch the highlights film from Engage 2023 by clicking the play button and catch up on all the action, including sessions on-demand and key takeaways, below.





Source & image: IAB UK


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