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Making Compliance Work

Our team has worked as in-house compliance officers and are used to reviewing and approving financial promotions.


As well as the specific elements of marketing, it is important that the structure and governance of your financial promotions comply with the spirit of the rules as well as the letter.


Your financial promotions and your website present the public face of your business. Making sure they’re compliant is absolutely crucial. Not least because, in an increasingly online world, they’re highly visible, not just to your customers, but also to the regulator.


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If you are unsure about a particular case or scenario, you could consult the FCA’s Handbook or seek advice directly from an expert on financial promotions.


Financial Promotion Advice

⬑ Copy Advice Service

With the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) taking an increasingly keen interest in financial promotions, our specialist financial promotions review service gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting it right. We’ll flag up potential compliance issues, so you can resolve them before they cause problems.


We’ll run an expert eye over your promotions and website, then highlight any areas of concern around issues like conduct of business rules or treating customers fairly. You’ll receive a clearly worded detailed report that gives you the guidance you need.


We do the leg work so that you only need to review and approve. We:


> Review financial promotion material to ensure that it meets the FCA’s rules on ‘clear, fair and not misleading’
> Prepare verification notes
> Compile the verification pack (obtaining evidence material from your client)
> Final financial promotion and verification notes and pack are submitted to the person responsible for approval of the financial promotion for the purposes of s.21 FSMA


Financial Promotions Administration (example package)


> Review all financial promotion material prior to approval and issuance
> Log and maintain all registers (whilst ensuring accurate and appropriate record keeping)
> Document and manage the process of financial promotions production, including all reviews, comments and issues as they arise
> Streamline the communication channels between the marketing and compliance teams for an efficient working practice


Note: If you would like our help with a financial promotion but not on a rolling monthly basis, we also offer our Financial Promotions services for a one-off fixed fee.


Compliance Assistance and Administration (example package)


> Deal with client take-on procedures and documentation
> Monitor internal compliance with the firm’s policies and procedures and work with the whole business to gather information and resolve queries arising from the monitoring tasks
> Monthly reporting to the Head of Compliance/Compliance Officer
> General administration


Should you require anything not listed, feel free to ask. The above examples are for illustrative purposes only. Duties, fees and all other terms are agreed with each business on a bespoke basis.


We would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you. Contact us.


Supporting your business on its compliance journey, every step of the way.


LS Consultancy aims to deliver effective support that drives growth and keeps costs down on a Retainer or On-Demand basis.


Copy advice service

It’s one thing to drop an idea because the client doesn’t like it, it’s quite another to find out the idea they do really like wouldn’t be allowed under various advertising rules.


Our copy advice service is fast and confidential and provides Advertising Guidance at the highest level. It is designed to make your communications more effective and avoid the regulatory pitfalls.


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