Funeral plans: if you already have a plan

Jan 13th '23

Find out how to make sure your funeral plan provider is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and what you should do if it isn’t.


If you already have a funeral plan, and want to make sure your provider is authorised by us, follow these steps:


1. Check the Financial Services Register to make sure that your firm is authorised and has permission for ‘carrying out a funeral plan contract as a provider’, under the section ‘What can this firm do in the UK?’. If your provider is listed, then it’s authorised by us and you don’t need to take any further action.


It’s important to know that your funeral plan provider might be a different company to the one that sold you the plan. For example, a funeral director may have sold you a plan from a different provider.  You can find out who your provider is by looking at your paperwork or by contacting the organisation that sold you the plan. 


2. If your firm isn’t on the list, check the FCA list:


Firms that must not carry out or sell funeral plans 

These firms must not sell or carry out funeral plans in the UK. The firms will have either transferred their plans to an authorised provider or begun to wind down their business, which may include exploring options for a transfer after the firm has entered into administration.


If you have a plan with one of these firms, they should contact you to let you know what’s happening. Make sure you respond to any communication you receive where required.


If you haven’t heard from your provider or their administrator, get in touch with them as soon as possible.  You can find more information about individual providers here. The information is based on what they’ve told the FCA about their plans. The FCA will continue to update this information. They’ve included links that they’ve given to them, but can’t guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any statements on their websites.


If your plan is transferred to an FCA-authorised funeral provider, the plan will be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if the provider fails. You also can refer a complaint about your new provider to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


If your provider is winding down and has entered into administration, and you have asked for a refund, it may be that the trust has insufficient funds to pay customers back the entire amount they have paid to date for their plan. The administrators will be investigating the circumstances behind the firm’s insolvency and will report on their findings in due course.


Source: FCA – First published:  Last updated: 13/01/2023


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