Helping you prepare effectively for an FCA visit.

FCA Visits

A visit from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) can have a significant impact on your firm’s operations, costs and management time.


Ιt could even result in losing your regulatory permissions. So it’s vital you understand exactly what an FCA visit entails and how to manage the process effectively. That’s where we can help.


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FCA Visits

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It’s essential you do everything possible to ensure the FCA will be satisfied with the robustness, adequacy and effectiveness of your firm’s arrangements across everything from risk, compliance and governance to IT, internal audit and conduct.


An important part of preparing is compiling a series of documents for the regulator to review before the visit. Along with a review of documents and testing, visits also entail face-to-face interviews. You need to be confident your senior employees will perform effectively these.


We have the experience and expertise to help you prepare effectively for an FCA visit.


We can assess the robustness, effectiveness, and adequacy of your policies and procedures. Where necessary, we can help you develop and improve these and create a robust governance framework.


We can conduct mock interviews and test your senior team’s readiness, and we can help you compile robust and appropriate strategies and documentation to support you through all aspects of your visit.


Download: How to Prepare for an FCA Visit


How long does the FCA application process take?

The FCA will conduct a thorough review of your business plan and will want to ensure your firm does not pose a risk to the integrity of the UK’s Financial Services Industry. This process can typically take around six months.


If you are expecting an FCA visit, or if you’d simply like to make sure you’ll be well prepared for any future visits, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain exactly how we can help.


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