Frequently Asked Questions


What sectors do you look after?

LS Consultancy has a range of clients in various sectors. Below are some sectors we work in:


  1. Retailers
  2. Leisure & Fitness
  3. Motor Dealers
  4. Home Improvements and Plumbing
  5. Financial Services
  • Asset Management
  • Claims Management
  • Consumer Credit
  • Consumer Duty
  • Insurance
  • Pensions
  • Wealth Management
  • Banking


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What makes you different?

We work on the simple premise of “Improving our client’s condition”, which to us means that you have to have value over and above the cost involved. Cost should never be confused with price as there is a distinct difference. Price is the amount of money involved in a transaction. Cost is the complete, long-term benefits (or lack of them) plus the initial upheaval and management time involved in the implementation and execution of the project.


How much do you charge?

At LS Consultancy, we do not have a menu or tariff of charges as we operate on a bespoke and personalised service to suit your budget. We will assess the work involved for any project or exercise and provide a price that is fixed for the project achieving its outcomes. See Pricing and Fees.


What is the difference between you and say a big four/five consultancy?

Most of the big firms have consultants of a range of experience, ‘available’ whether they are working for clients or not. Many projects dealt with by the Big 4/5 typically will charge for a Partner, Senior Manager(s), Project Manager(s), Consultants and ‘Associates’ (those new to consulting and can confuse you with slide presentations).


We also occasionally “white-label” for these consultancies when they don’t have the right skill-sets available.


These people need to be paid when they are idle, so they build that into their pricing model. LS Consultancy only use qualified and/or seasoned professional consultants, and we only price them into the project for when they are being used; this means better efficiencies for you, simpler project pricing for us and flexibility all round as we are not charging on a per diem basis (whether they are there or not).


I need some advice about my own advertising.

For advice about to how to make sure your ads don’t fall foul of the rules, you can contact us or visit our dedicated webpage on Copy Advice or Financial Promotion Advice.


I need some advice on a specific rule or area of advertising regulation.

If you are still struggling to find the answers you need, please contact our Copy Advice team.


If you were unable to find your reason for enquiry in any of the previous sections, please contact us.


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LS Consultancy offers complete solutions with a range of cost effective, compliance and marketing products and services that are uniquely suited to supporting firms.


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