Explained: How does online data protection work in the EU

Aug 21st '23

Companies are collecting your personal data. Here’s what you need to know.


In early 2023, the European Union’s top three institutions banned TikTok from staff devices.


Governments from the United States to the United Kingdom – and countries across Europe – quickly followed suit. The reason? Growing concerns about data collection.


In Europe alone, there are an estimated 150 million TikTok users. In return for using the platform, those users provide a lot of personal data. Western governments have grown increasingly worried about the potential for that data to be accessed by the Chinese government.


Despite Beijing rebutting the accusations, lawmakers remain sceptical.


But, it’s not only TikTok that collects data – and the issues with data collection arrived long before the rise of the popular social media platform. All across the Internet, vast amounts of consumers’ personal data can be harvested from our search history, browser preferences, and the information we input.


Here, we take a look at what this means for you as a digital consumer and what the European Union is doing to protect your data.


What is ‘personal data’ and how is it collected? Read the full article, here.


Source: euronews


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