Freelance or consultancy copywriting


We’ll work on a freelance, contract or consultancy basis, to fit in with your needs, and we can write any type of business or marketing communication.


That includes conventional print and press based copywriting, or digital communication for your website, mobile or email or social initiatives.

Whatever you need, we can provide the solution. We understand your business and your market, and can work with you to create the communication your

audience wants to read.


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Copywriting services

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We craft copy for:


  • Marketing material – advertising, brochures and sales aids
  • Technical documents – policies, terms and conditions
  • Digital content – websites, emails, and tweets
  • Articles – stories, features and think pieces
  • Scripts – for animation, speeches and videos
  • Letters – answering complaints and explaining changes


The reader needs to be initially given a clear, simple outline of how your firm can help them. It should seek to draw the reader in, highlight the key benefits, together with any risks and deliver a call to action, to help drive the response you are after.


Our independent copywriters ensure that copy is decent, truthful, honest and understood by the reader


Copywriting can be difficult if it is not something you regularly do. Using our experience copywriter can make the process very cost effective.


If you would like to use our copywriting service, it would help if we had access to the following:


  • An initial discussion, to understand the offering, market and organisation in detail
  • Any marketing materials, proposals, fact sheets, product specifications which would give us further detail on the background of the product


At LS Consultancy, we also provide a cost-effective and timely copy advice and copy development services to make sure all your advertising and campaigns are compliant, clear and suitable for their purpose.



If you need an extra pair of hands or assistance in a specific area, pick up the phone for a chat.

  • Contact Number: 020 8087 2377