Freelance or consultancy copywriting


We’ll work on a freelance, contract or consultancy basis, to fit in with your needs, and we can write any type of business or marketing communication.


That includes conventional print and press based copywriting, or digital communication for your website, mobile or email or social initiatives.

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Copywriting services

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Whatever you need, we can provide the solution. We understand your business and your market, and can work with you to create the communication your audience wants to read.


  • Content, Social and Blogs

​Consumers judge your business by your content. Get it wrong, and it can erode your reputation. Get it right, and it can build your brand as the thought leader in your sector, create trust and build sales. Get it from LS Consultancy, and get it read and acted on.

  • Websites & SEO

​Prestige corporate website or hard hitting web pages that sell your products and services, we have the answers. We can make your web page work harder, with powerful, benefit led content designed for humans as well as search engines. Google rewards quality writing. We deliver it.

  • UX Optimisation

​User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation builds your online business. We can work with your team to deliver the microcopy that makes your website work harder by increasing understanding – and hence response and revenue.

  • Newsletters

​Internal newsletter, e-zine or web download, we can help you define your message and present it with the maximum impact. We can page plan, research, interview and write complete products and publications, or complement the work of your in-house team​​​​.


  • Brochures

​Corporate brochures to present your business. Sales brochures that grab your prospects’ attention and combine persuasion with detail to turn desire into sales. Catalogues that feature every item in your range. Introduction, sales tool or leave behind, we have the expertise.


  • Editing

​At LS Consultancy, we take your draft and bring it to life. We cut the clutter and free up the flow, and turn complication into simplicity. We add flair and boost readability. We proofread to ensure perfect spelling, punctuation and consistency.


  • White Papers and Technical Writing

​User Guides. Installation and commissioning Instructions. Maintenance and repair manuals. Writing for experts, by experts. We have the ability to put technical data into understandable language.

  • Video Scripts

Video helps your prospects and customers see and hear about your products and services online. They start with a script.


Great scripts, for sales and skills training, informational videos, commercials, and announcements all start with a brief to LS Consultancy.


Working with Agencies

Run a marketing, advertising or online agency?


If you can’t field all the copy and content talent you need in-house we can provide the cost effective solution.

Talk to us about outsourced copywriting for your agency 


At LS Consultancy, we also provide a cost-effective and timely copy advice and copy development services to make sure all your advertising and campaigns are compliant, clear and suitable for their purpose.



If you need an extra pair of hands or assistance in a specific area, pick up the phone for a chat.

  • Contact Number: 020 8087 2377