Let us focus on making sure your marketing material is compliant

Copy Development Services

We’ll work with you to analyse your ideas against advertising rules, spot potential issues early and identify ways to address problems.


You focus on the creative concept, and we’ll focus on making sure your marketing material is compliant.


Call on our advice at any stage of the creative process.



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Copy Development Services

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Here are some of the different ways in which we can help:


  • Copy Development Meeting

While you’re developing ideas or drafting script options, we’ll keep an eye on that all-important factor: will it work within the regulations.


  • Consultant Sessions

Copy Development advice with an expert in the relevant sector – our expertise cover many sectors including financial services, medicine, nutrition, cosmetics, travel and tourism, alcohol and more.


  • Pitch & Research Review

We’ll examine and feed back to you, allowing you to present your concepts with confidence to potential clients or focus groups.


  • On-set Guidance

For those projects which can only be finalised on set, we’ll attend your shoot or office to provide expert guidance, allowing you to make changes to ensure that it stays compliant.



Save time, money and stress by involving us as you shape your  concepts, creative and claims.

Invite us to the table and you’ll get a fresh perspective on the creative you’re planning. While you’re developing ideas, we’ll keep an eye on that all-important factor: will it work with advertising regulation?


Our copy development service can be useful to all agencies and advertisers and you might be surprised at the creative input we can offer.


However, copy development is particularly useful for advertisers in competitive, contentious or complex areas. At LS Consultancy, we also provide a cost-effective and timely copy advice services to make sure all your advertising and campaigns are compliant, clear and suitable for their purpose.


Start talking to us early and we’ll nip issues in the bud before they become real problems.



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