Top Asset Management Companies UK 2021 (Aug)

Aug 13th '21

What is an Asset Management Company (AMC)?

An asset management company (AMC) is a firm that invests a pooled fund of capital on behalf of its clients. The capital is used to fund different investments in various asset classes. Asset management companies are sometimes referred to as money managers or money management firms as well. Top asset management firms attract the greater number of clients due to the exemplary performance they achieve through their decisions. See below for the top asset management companies uk.


Different Types of Asset Management Companies

Asset management companies come in many different forms and structures, such as:


  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Index funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Other funds


In addition, they invest on behalf of various types of clients, such as:


  • High-net-worth clients
  • Institutional investors
  • Public sector (government organizations)
  • Private sector
  • Retail investors


Asset Management Companies 

Individual investors usually lack the expertise and resources to consistently produce strong investment returns over time. Therefore, many investors rely on asset management companies to invest capital on their behalf.


Asset management companies are usually a group of investment professionals with broad market expertise. With a large amount of pooled capital, they are able to utilize diversification and complex investment strategies to generate returns for investors.


AMCs generally charge a fee to their clients that is equal to a percentage of total assets under management (AUM). AUM is simply the total amount of capital provided by investors.


An asset management fund may charge a 2% fee on AUM. Consider as an example an asset manager who oversees a $100 million fund. The fees for one year or another time period will be $2 million ($100 million x 2.0%).


Hedge funds are notorious for charging much higher fees, sometimes upwards of 20%. However, hedge funds utilize more unorthodox and aggressive investment strategies to generate returns.


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