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Jul 3rd '23

We know you are looking for fast, efficient, compliance solutions from authorisations to financial promotion reviews, RegData submissions, complaints management through to firm registration and advisory help through to payment services regulation support.


  • How do we know this? 

Simply because the fca are always making increased demands on firms like yours.


With so many demands from the regulator, you are in constant fear of unwelcome scrutiny, censure, supervision or worse.


You have increased frustration at keeping up with the treadmill of new rules and initiatives and how people may be judging you within the firm.


Even though you know you can manage the systems when they are in place, implementation always seems disproportionate to the business size and resource available.


  • How can we help?

We know the pain you feel and have helped many firms in their day-to-day and project evolutions.


Every consultant working with us has a minimum 5 years senior management experience.


  • What you need to do, now!

Book an appointment.


We will listen to your needs.


We will create a bespoke plan and timescale.


We will work alongside you and your team to implement the work.


We have all been at the wrong end of the microscope. We have all seen consultancies inflate the work and cost, but fail to deliver. We strive for excellence at all levels. See our reviews!


We interpret the rules and explain them clearly. After over 23 years in the business, we are owned and managed by the same founder and in it for the long-haul; to help our clients survive in today’s regulatory jungle.


  • Measure your success

You will know you have professionals working with you.


You will have a clear plan of action bespoke to your business.


We can project manage the entire plan, with regular updates with you, as well as day-to-day working discussions.


You know you can ask questions at any time and we will explain the situation to you in easy to understand words.


We handle all the deadlines and create suitable communication to stakeholders for you.


You can sleep at night.


  • You know it makes sense

You don’t want the regulator scrutinising your every move.


You can’t waste the management time providing governance charts, projections and mi to the regulator.


You cannot afford the reputational damage if you have to cease trading even temporarily.


You want to avoid the frustration and anger of losing control of the direction of your business.


  • You can go from zero to hero with our help

Don’t feel helpless, frustrated or worried any longer


You will have a friend, companion and guide to help you keep on top of your needs in the future.


Make an appointment to have a no obligation chat now!


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LS Consultancy are experts in Marketing and Compliance, and work with a range of firms to assist with improving their advertising, documents, processes and systems to help mitigate risk.


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Our range of innovative solutions can be tailored to suit your unique requirements, no matter whether you’re currently working from home, or are continuing to go into the office. Our services can be deployed individually or combined to form a broader solution to release your energies and focus on your clients.


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