Key Committee Meeting Minutes

Jan 18th '21

Committee minutes are important as they show the data and information available and presented, decisions made, responsibles for the actions agreed and timescales.


LS Consultancy will assess and grade the effectiveness and any errors, anomalies and inconsistencies for you to rectify your procedures.


Plan your meetings effectively by:


  • Setting dates well in advance to maximise the number of members available to attend (and sending a reminder notice);
  • Clarifying the purpose or focus of the meeting;
  • Ensuring that staff and financial reports are concise and comprehensible;
  • Ensuring conflicts of interest are declared;
  • Ensuring that minutes and agreed actions from the previous meetings are circulated;
  • Ensuring that all papers are circulated well in advance;
  • Agreeing the meeting agenda in advance.
  • Identifying which agenda items require a decision and which are for information or discussion; and
  • Purpose of meetings.
  • Planning your Management Committee meetings easier if the purpose of each meeting is clear.


Management Committee meetings are for:


  • Monitoring and reviewing progress towards meeting the aims of the organisation;
  • Monitoring financial performance;
  • Ensuring all activities are consistent with the organisation’s purpose and mission;
  • Considering applications for membership of the organisation;
  • Planning annual general meetings;
  • Initiating and reviewing internal and external policy positions and statements;
  • Deciding on management and governance systems and processes;
  • Deciding the most appropriate methods of funding raising and considering applications for funding;
  • Delegating work;
  • Discussing and making decisions on new proposals;
  • Planning for the future and identifying new opportunities;
  • Delegating work; and
  • Deciding on appropriate staffing requirements, staff terms and conditions.


However, each individual meeting may focus on one or two issues.  Is there one or more development or proposal which requires a decision?  Should the financial report or the staff report be considered early in the meeting because it was at the bottom of the agenda at the last meeting and did not receive sufficient attention.


A well planned agenda should clearly communicate the purpose and objectives of the meeting.


Effective chairing

Chairing is a key factor in the effectiveness of meetings.


The role of the Chair is to direct discussion of the Committee, ensuring that the objectives of the meeting can be met, and that the Committee effectively fulfils its responsibility in consideration of the items on the agenda.  This involves ensuring that you are well briefed about each agenda item and that:


  • decisions are taken, recorded and carried out;
  • the organisation’s policies are applied;
  • there is full participation;
  • the agenda is followed; and
  • there are time limits for the meeting as a whole and for agenda items.


Meeting Minutes Best Practice


Minutes should be including;


  1. Title of Meeting
  2. Date, Time, Venue
  3. People present
  4. Apologies for absence
  5. Conflicts of Interest
  6. Corrections to minutes of previous meetings
  7. Actions relating to previous meetings (sometimes referred to as matters arising)
  8. Items on the agenda
  9. Items to be discussed and decided
  10. Date, time and venue of the next meeting


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This guide is only an aide memoire and intended for information only for anyone appraising the documentation needed in an audit/compliance check. It is not to be considered as direct advice or intended to replace specific 1 to 1 engagement with your compliance and risk professional.


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