FCA guidance on Financial Promotions in social media

May 1st '24

Financial Promotions: in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) provides essential guidance to ensure that Financial Promotions on social media adhere to legal standards while effectively engaging consumers. Understanding the nuances of this guidance can significantly enhance a firm’s marketing strategies, particularly when balancing innovation with compliance.


Understanding the scope of FCA’s Social Media Guidelines

The FCA’s finalised guidance on Financial Promotions in social media sets a comprehensive framework for both authorised and unauthorised entities involved in financial marketing. It is essential to grasp the legal definitions and requirements to avoid potential legal repercussions.


Legal foundations of Financial Promotions

At its core, the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) categorises the communication of invitations or inducements to engage in investment activity as a potential criminal offence unless specific conditions are met. These include:


  • Authorisation Requirements: The communication must originate from an authorised person or be approved by an authorised entity with the requisite permissions.
  • Exemption Reliance: In certain cases, communications may rely on specific exemptions provided under the law.


This legal backdrop establishes the ‘financial promotions regime’, crucial for firms engaging in social media marketing.


Financial Promotions: Who Must Comply?

The guidance broadly applies to:


  • Authorised Firms: Those using social media as a direct marketing tool.
  • Unauthorised Parties: Includes influencers and affiliates who may not realize their role in financial promotions.


Each entity must understand their position within these regulations to strategize effectively.


Financial Promotions: Key Aspects Of Compliance

To comply with the financial promotions regime, there are several pivotal aspects to consider:


Financial Promotions: Standalone Compliance

Each social media post considered a financial promotion must independently comply with the content and conduct rules set by the FCA. This ‘standalone compliance’ is crucial in ensuring that each piece of content is self-sufficient in meeting regulatory standards.


Consumer Duty Alignment

Firms must align their social media strategies with the Consumer Duty to ensure good outcomes for retail customers. This involves:


  • Clarity and Appropriateness: Ensuring content is clear and suitable for the intended audience.
  • Platform Suitability: Evaluating whether a social media platform aligns with the target market needs.


Financial Promotions: Risks In Affiliate And Influencer Marketing

The involvement of third parties in promoting financial services adds layers of complexity and risk. Firms need to:


  • Oversee Communications: Monitor and control the messages disseminated by affiliates.
  • Educate on Promotions: Ensure that affiliates understand the products they promote.


Legal And Regulatory Overlaps

It’s imperative to recognise the overlapping regulations from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the FCA:


  • Compliance with ASA and CAP Code: Adhere to both the technical and non-technical aspects of advertising standards.
  • Ad Content Requirements: Ads must be legal, honest, clear, and socially responsible.


Financial Promotions: Strategic Implementation Of FCA Guidelines


Developing Effective Social Media Policies

Firms should develop and implement robust social media guidelines to ensure compliance and effective communication:


  • Guideline Creation: Tailor guidelines that align with both FCA and ASA requirements.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Establish clear partnerships with influencers that respect regulatory frameworks.


Monitoring And Enforcement

Continuous monitoring of social media activities is essential to maintain compliance and adapt to any regulatory changes. This proactive approach ensures that firms remain aligned with FCA expectations and protect against potential non-compliance issues.


Leveraging Social Media Innovatively

While compliance is critical, firms should also harness the creative capabilities of social media to reach broader audiences and engage consumers meaningfully, ensuring that promotional activities are both innovative and within legal boundaries.



Adhering to the FCA’s Guidance on Financial Promotions In Social Media is not just a regulatory requirement but a strategic advantage. By fostering clear, compliant, and engaging social media practices, firms can enhance consumer trust and brand integrity in the digital age. For further insights or tailored advice on integrating these guidelines into your social media strategies, consulting with a financial and regulatory compliance expert is highly recommended.


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