FCA/PRA Authorisations

Nov 3rd '22

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Authorisation

FCA Authorisation, Registration, Certification or Licencing is a very involved process requiring you to know not only your business, but also how your business works and the risk areas it is likely to be impacted by.


FCA/Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) Authorisations

Fixed Price Authorisations – monthly payment available.


Assuming that your activity falls under the regulated activities of the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (as amended) and you have sufficient experience of the industry you want to operate in (i.e., at least 2 years) and are of good standing professionally and financially, then you should have few issues. The main challenge many face is understanding the regulatory terms and industry jargon.


We are compliance specialists capable of handling you application from start to finish. Our fixed price quote includes all policies and an annual compliance monitoring plan as required by the regulator. All forms will be completed on your behalf (excluding electronic signatures etc) unless you have already done so. Plus we will answer any questions before submission and throughout the approval process. All regulator questions and requests for explanations throughout the approval process at no extra charge.


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  • Typical policies completed and provided?

As required by the regulator for the application to be accepted.


  • All forms completed?

All to be done on your behalf


  • Help completing?

Complete the Regulatory Business Plan.


  • Your questions answered?

Questions answered before and after submission, at no extra cost.


  • FREE Submission?

Application submitted, with all documentation uploaded correctly.


  • Recommendations?

Wording for answers, to explain regulatory based questions from the FCA.


  • Explanations?

Requests explanations throughout the approval process at no extra charge.


  • Professionals?

Project management of the whole process.


  • Ongoing compliance support?

Compliance support offered post authorisation if needed.


Getting authorised in the UK with the FCA/PRA, find out more, here.


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Don’t get caught out!

The quotations you encounter could appear very attractive! However, this is often for only the basic service.


When the regulator asks for certain company policies, or governance, for operating the business (and they will), your consultancy will often charge you additionally by the item. When the FCA asks questions that you may need assistance with before responding, they will start the “charging clock” often up to £300 per hour or more.


When the regulator asks a question of your company and your case manager does not understand what is being asked, or is not adequately qualified to interpret the rules, they either answer incorrectly or refer to a senior manager who may be able to help at extra unseen cost to you.


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