FCA MLRO (SMF17) & Compliance Officer (SMF 16) Requirements 2022

Aug 11th '22

In early 2022, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) laid out its thoughts on what companies need to be considering when wanting to make these essential compliance appointments in their blog post.


Companies are reminded that individuals appointed to these functions ought to be both sufficiently experienced as well as with the ability and competency of properly performing them. For this reason, firms need to give cautious consideration to just how their SMF16 and also SMF17 prospects can totally demonstrate these attributes.


The FCA has actually shared some instances which lay out what, in its experience, tends to aid in the successful approval for both of these functions.


  • Compliance Officer & MLRO – Training

The majority of successful candidates will certainly have “finished relevant training courses prior to using […] for authorisation.” On the other hand, those “who plan to finish needed courses after approval” are less likely to be approved. Particularly, applicants are anticipated to have:


  1. Attended training programs customised or pertinent to the kind of business the company they propose to work for.
  2. Participated in current as well as up-to-date training to provide relevant expertise of the present regulatory regulations and assumptions.
  3. If training has actually not been completed lately, the fca may ask if the candidate has supplemented their training with recent continuous professional growth (CPD) training courses.
  4. Attended training programs with enough length as well as depth to obtain expertise to carry out the function.


The regulator keeps in mind that “really brief ” ‘initial’ training courses, alone, do not provide sufficient coverage or depth to be beneficial for a head of conformity or money laundering reporting officers (MLRO), even in the smallest firms.”


Whilst the FCA Does not endorse or list details of preferred training courses or training providers, it explains that training courses with an assessment or evaluation element have a tendency to much better demonstrate that an applicant has onboared a relevant and sound understanding.


  • Experience required for SMF16 And SMF17

Individuals from varied expert histories as well as varying degrees of seniority can capably function as Heads of Compliance or MLROs. straight previous experience in these duties is not needed for an effective application, neither is it an assurance of automatic FCA approval. The regulator notes that:


  1. Successful applicants might have held more Jr Compliance Functions in the past, such as Compliance Manager or replacement MLRO.
  2. Previously holding the exact same or comparable approved settings is a great demonstration that somebody may be suitable for these roles however does not indicate an applicant will be automatically approved.
  3. Effective applications for SMF16 as well as MLROs have a range of histories and experience, including in compliance as well as legal groups, legal representatives, accounting professionals, and as specialists.


Nevertheless, the FCA notes: “the experience of a candidate who has just formerly operated in a front-line role (and in the absence of other training or experience) is usually inadequate to show that they have the required skills as well as expertise to establish and also operate a compliance function.”


The FCA Likewise approves that “it might be appropriate and also proportional” for proprietors or Chief Executives of little firms to double up as the firm’s Head of Compliance or MLRO. That said, they “still expect those people to have appropriate training and experience to ensure their company will follow the relevant guidelines and regulations for their company.”


  • LS Consultancy Assistance

The FCA acknowledges that candidate firms may have differing degrees of exterior regulatory Compliance Support; exterior advisors like LS Consultancy can assist with both FCA applications and the continuous running of a company’s regulatory demands. whilst it is not a requirement, the regulator keeps in mind that such a setup “may be an useful addition and supplement to the company’s very own in-house setups.


All of our compliance consultants have a minimum of 5 years in a senior management position. We can provide someone to help set up the compliance and AML framework, but it is always best to have an internal senior manager/director as the appointed SMF once authorised.


With or without exterior assistance, the person that will certainly be accountable for the Compliance and/or MLRO functions will require to demonstrate that they have “sufficient understanding and experience themselves to make appropriate compliance choices for the business.”


  • Capacity

The FCA anticipates that, whether the duty is carried out full-time or part-time, the time allotted to the function needs to be “in proportion and also enough”. Additionally, where the appointees for these roles might have another role internally or externally, the FCA will look very closely at potential conflicts of interest. one more area based on scrutiny is the physical area of the Head of Compliance and/or MLRO applicant. Further, the FCA state that “successful applicants tend to be those functioning from the firm’s primary place of business in the UK.”


Ultimately, having taken account of every one of the above, also where a company is confident that their selected candidates have adequate experience and also training, the regulatory authority may still request a meeting to check this as well as to analyse relevant competency and also capability.


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