Updates from previous FCA data bulletin editions: Financial promotions

Feb 3rd '16

In issue 5 the FCA provide an update for 1 July to 30 September 2015, where the regulator reviewed 1,108 financial promotions.


During this time, 34 cases resulted in one or more promotions being amended or withdrawn through our interaction with firms. See the infographic below.


We have significant experience in reviewing marketing material within the financial sector and have helped companies to promote financial products in the UK. Find our more about our Financial Promotion Reviews or Contact us.



February 2016 quarterly update will provide you with details of the latest regulatory data and developments. The fifth Data Bulletin provides insight into a range of areas, including:


  • Highlights from the FCA’s report on Retirement Income Market Data
  • An update on attestations and skilled person reports
  • An update on FCA work regarding financial promotions
  • An update on the Consumer Credit authorisations process so far.


Click here to download the bulletin.


Source: FCA


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LS Consultancy has wealth of experience in reviewing financial promotions and can do so on a one-off or on an on-going basis.


We are also skilled in reviewing and assessing your financial promotion procedures and can assist you to establish the necessary framework to help future compliance with regulatory requirements.


Remember: Not everything is black and white when it comes to Financial Promotions, and many of the rules are open to interpretation. If you are unsure how your activities fit within the rules, please contact us.


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