FCA Cryptocurrency Firm AML Registration

Sep 30th '21

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), under the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive have required firms to register with them for Anti-Money Laundering.


Many firms have had their applications rejected or recommended to withdraw due to a poor standard of completion.


We can help you, like all the other firms we help, we are Regulatory Risk and Compliance Experts and can get your business on the right track and as long as your business model is sound – we can provide the right package for your next submission.


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  • Cryptoasset compliance supportIf you’re an established cryptoassets exchange, broker, or other market stakeholder, we can help you verify that you’re providing an attractive and responsible service.
  • FCA Authorisation Your firm requires FCA authorisation if it carries out an activity regulated under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
  • Financial Crime & AMLOur anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing solutions are designed to help reduce risks associated, whilst ensuring they are risk-based and proportionate to your business.




About us

At LS Consultancy, our consultants are industry experts that interpret the rules, regulations and spirit of the industry guidelines by assisting you “the client” in implementing a compliance programme that you can be confident is mitigating the risk of financial crime. What we can do:


  • We analyse the relevant jurisdictions legislation, regulation and industry guidance to ensure that your controls adopt the highest standard possible
  • Analyse and/ or Enhance your Business Wide Risk Assessment to ensure we consider money laundering and relevant predicate crimes
  • Assessment of your Customer Onboarding and/ or Periodic KYC reviews rely on independent documentation and supported by credible information from your customer – as this is key to your compliance programme.
  • Robust Transaction Monitoring and Screening whilst utilising your up-to-date KYC documentation/ information are fundamental.
  • Greater emphasis on training – why not go through live examples with your RM’s, Operational Teams and Compliance – discuss the areas of concern and come up with compliant solutions.
  • Ensuring your Compliance Monitoring Programme is conducted on a regular basis
  • Engagement with senior management through relevant committees


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