FCA Compliance Consultants: What Is Regulatory Compliance?

Jul 17th '23

A glimpse into the world of FCA compliance consultants and regulatory compliance consultancy.



The world of regulatory compliance is a complex and ever-changing one. Businesses of all sizes are subject to a wide range of regulations, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest changes. This is where our niche regulatory compliance consultancy comes in.


LS Consultancy is full of experienced experts in helping businesses understand and comply with regulations. They can provide guidance on everything from drafting policies and procedures, Anti-money laundering (AML), and financial promotions. In short, we can help businesses stay on the right side of the regulation.


Understanding regulatory compliance consultancy

The crucial role of a compliance consultant is to help businesses understand and comply with regulations. This includes identifying the relevant regulations, assessing the risks associated with non-compliance, and developing and implementing compliance programs.


Compliance consultants must have a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape. They must also be able to assess the specific risks faced by a business and develop tailored compliance programs that address those risks.


The rocky road of regulatory compliance consultancy

The road to compliance is not always smooth. There are many challenges that businesses face, including:


  • The tangle of global regulations. There are a myriad of regulations that businesses must comply with, and these regulations can vary from country to country.
  • Compliance laws that change with the times. Regulations are constantly changing, so businesses must be able to adapt to these changes.
  • The digital revolution. The digital revolution has created new compliance challenges, such as cybersecurity and data privacy.


Diving into the core of regulatory compliance complexities

The core of regulatory compliance complexities lies in the tangle of domestic and global regulations. There are a myriad of regulations that businesses must comply with, and these regulations can vary from country to country. For example, the financial industry is subject to a wide range of regulations, including those governing anti-money laundering, insider trading, and market manipulation.


Compliance regulations are also constantly changing. This is due to a number of factors, such as new technological developments and changing social norms. For example:


  • Cross-Border Marketing Rules which came into force in the European Union in 2021. These guidelines on marketing communications are for cross-border distribution of funds.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in 2018 and has had a significant impact on businesses that collect and process personal data. This has now morphed into the UK GDPR since Brexit and some changes have been made.


Unravelling technology’s role in regulatory compliance consultancy

The digital revolution has created new compliance challenges, such as cybersecurity and data privacy. Businesses must be able to protect their data from cyberattacks and ensure that they are compliant with data privacy regulations.


Technology can also be used to help businesses comply with regulations. For example, there are software solutions that can help businesses track their compliance activities and identify potential risks. Governance document management is becoming big in Compliance, so that version control and automatic reminders are sent to review and update documents.


Industry-specific regulatory compliance quagmires

The financial services industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. This is due to the fact that the financial industry plays a vital role in the global economy and is therefore subject to a high degree of scrutiny. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is seen as leaders in regulation and the interpretation of their rules into practical and easily applied actions, sometimes eludes customers and that is where we can add value.


Some of the most common regulatory compliance challenges faced by the financial industry include:


  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Financial Promotions
  • Insider trading
  • Market manipulation
  • Data privacy
  • Cybersecurity


The human component in regulatory compliance challenges

The human component is often overlooked in discussions of regulatory compliance. However, the human factor can play a significant role in compliance failures.


For example, employees may not be aware of the company’s compliance policies or procedures. They may also be tempted to cut corners or ignore the rules.


Businesses must therefore invest in building a compliance culture that emphasizes the importance of compliance and ethical behaviour. They must also provide employees with the training and resources they need to comply with the regulations.


The heavy price of regulatory compliance

Compliance can come at a significant financial cost. Businesses must spend money on compliance software, training, and auditing. They may also face fines and penalties if they fail to comply with the regulations. Compliance advice should never be valued in the up-front price, but what the medium to long term cost will be for non-compliance or getting it wrong.


The cost of non-compliance can be even higher. Businesses that fail to comply with the regulations may face reputational damage, legal liability, and even criminal charges.


The art of problem solving in regulatory compliance consultancy

Compliance consultants must be able to solve problems. This includes identifying compliance issues, developing solutions, and implementing those solutions.


Compliance consultants must also be able to think strategically. They must be able to anticipate future compliance challenges and develop plans to address those challenges.


Wrapping up the journey: The path forward

The road to regulatory compliance is not always easy, but it is essential for businesses that want to protect themselves from the risks of non-compliance. LS Consultancy can help businesses navigate the regulatory landscape and provide effective compliance support.


Conclusion: Embracing the challenges of regulatory compliance consultancy

The world of regulatory compliance is constantly evolving. This means that compliance consultants must be willing to embrace change and adapt their approach.


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