5 must-know secrets to outsourcing management & FCA compliance!

Jul 3rd '24

What is outsourcing?


The ABCs of outsourcing

Imagine you’re building a giant sandcastle, but you don’t have enough time to finish it all by yourself. So, you ask some friends to help you out. That’s kind of what outsourcing is!


Why do companies outsource?
Companies outsource because they might not have enough people, skills, or time to do everything on their own. Outsourcing helps them get extra help so they can finish their “sandcastle” faster and better.


FCA and outsourcing


Who is the FCA?
The FCA, or Financial Conduct Authority, is like the headteacher at school. They make sure everyone is following the rules so nobody gets into trouble. For companies, especially those handling money, the FCA is super important.


Why does the FCA care about outsourcing?
The FCA cares about outsourcing because they want to ensure that even if companies get outside help, they still follow all the rules. It’s like making sure your friends are playing nicely when they help you build that sandcastle.


Key rules for FCA outsourcing


  • Rule 1: have a plan 
    Before you start building your sandcastle (or outsourcing a job), you need a plan. This plan should say what you need help with, why you need it, and how you will make sure the job gets done right.
  • Rule 2: choose wisely ?️
    Picking the right friends to help is important. You wouldn’t ask someone who doesn’t like sand to help with a sandcastle, right? Similarly, companies need to choose reliable partners for outsourcing.
  • Rule 3: keep an eye on things ?
    Even if your friends are helping, you still need to watch the sandcastle. Make sure everyone is doing their job and everything is going as planned. Companies need to regularly check on their outsourcing partners too.
  • Rule 4: make sure you can switch if needed ?
    Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Maybe your friend needs to leave, or they’re not building the way you want. You should be able to switch helpers if needed. Companies should have a backup plan for outsourcing too.
  • Rule 5: protect data like treasure ?
    In our sandcastle analogy, imagine some parts of your castle are made of gold. You’d want to protect those parts, right? Companies need to make sure any sensitive information is kept safe, just like treasure.


The role of governance in outsourcing


Good governance is key

Good governance is like having a clear map for your sandcastle. It helps everyone know what they should be doing and how to do it right. It keeps the whole process smooth and efficient.


Regular reviews are a must
every once in a while, you need to step back and see how your sandcastle is looking. Maybe some parts need fixing or improving. Companies need to regularly review their outsourcing arrangements to ensure everything is still up to standard.


Real-life examples


The success story of firm A 

Firm a outsourced their customer service. They chose a great partner, had a solid plan, and kept a close watch on things. The result? Happy customers and smooth operations. It’s like finishing your sandcastle and winning a prize for it!


The cautionary tale of firm B 

Firm b, on the other hand, rushed into outsourcing without much thought. They picked the first partner they found and didn’t check in regularly. Soon, things went wrong, and they had to scramble to fix the mess. It’s like a wave crashing down on your unfinished sandcastle.


Tips for smooth outsourcing


Communication is king!

Talking to your friends while building the sandcastle makes things easier. Companies should keep good communication with their outsourcing partners to avoid misunderstandings.


Building strong relationships
just like having good friends makes building a sandcastle more fun, having a good relationship with outsourcing partners makes the work smoother and more enjoyable. Trust and teamwork go a long way.


Conclusion and your call to action


Let’s wrap it up ?
Outsourcing can be a fantastic way to get extra help and do great things, just like building an amazing sandcastle with friends. But it’s important to have a plan, choose the right partners, and keep an eye on the process to make sure everything goes well.


Your turn to act! ?

Now that you know the secrets to successful outsourcing, it’s time to put them into action! Start by reviewing your current outsourcing practices and see where you can make improvements. And remember, the FCA is there to help you stay on track.




1. What is outsourcing in simple terms?
Outsourcing is when a company gets help from outside experts to do tasks they can’t handle on their own. It’s like getting friends to help you finish a big project.


2. Why is the FCA concerned with outsourcing?
The FCA wants to make sure that even if companies get outside help, they still follow all the rules and keep things safe and fair, just like a headteacher ensuring everyone follows school rules.


3. How can a company choose the right outsourcing partner?
A company should look for reliable partners with a good track record, much like picking friends who are good at building sandcastles to help with your project.


4. What should a company do if the outsourcing isn’t working out?
They should have a backup plan and be ready to switch partners if needed, just like having a plan b if your friend helping with the sandcastle decides to leave.


5. How important is communication in outsourcing?
Communication is crucial. It’s like talking to your friends while building a sandcastle to make sure everyone knows what to do and everything goes smoothly.


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