Compliance Consultant is one of the UK’s Leading Financial Services Regulatory Compliance & Risk Consultancies.

Compliance Consultant

Why Choose them?

Simply because they provide regulatory compliance risk management solutions across the UK, Europe and in the Middle East with growing connections in Africa and South America.  They specialise in bank start-ups, risk management, remedial work, strategy planning and execution, providing governance and documentation, and other advisory solutions.


Compliance Consultant ensure that they understand your business and create solutions that fit your company without forcing square pegs into round holes.


Their work is select, often discrete, and completely confidential under non-disclosure agreements. They don’t just advise on compliance and risk, they consider your business proposition and strategy.


From their flagship “Pathfinder Program” through to bespoke pieces of crafted regulatory advice or assurance, every client is treated uniquely and as top priority by our qualified and specialised consultants.


Compliance Consultant take on very few new clients, so contact is always available directly with the person you need.


For information please contact




Telephone: 0207 097 1434.


LS Consultancy has developed a strong network of partner firms with whom we work with to develop mutually beneficial value for your business.