CIPR ESG Panel launches new ESG Guide Series

Oct 18th '23

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has launched a new three-part series of best practice guides designed to improve understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters.


These guides – created by the CIPR’s ESG Panel – focus on each area of ESG and how they relate to organisations and public relations professionals. They include:


  • The ‘E’ in ESG
  • The ‘S’ in ESG
  • The ‘G’ in ESG


Covering a range of topics, the guides are available to download for free. Readers will learn about the benefits of robust environmental practices in enhancing business resilience and sustainability, how organisations can evaluate whether their social commitments are being effectively defined and embedded into their leadership and culture, and the importance of effective governance in delivering on ESG commitments.


Readers are encouraged to use these guides as a comprehensive toolkit. They will assist in building, updating, or evaluating organisations’ ESG strategies and serve as a resource for best practice in showcasing and communicating positive environmental and social impacts.


The guides have been written by the CIPR’s ESG Panel members, Hilary Berg, Suzy Giles, Gihan Hyde, Sneha Patel, Anjali Patil, Laura Sutherland,  and Chris Tucker.


The CIPR ESG Panel has produced these best practice guides to give PR practitioners a comprehensive overview of what each of the areas entail. Whether you are new to ESG or an experienced communicator, these guides are designed to point you in the right direction of what information and guidance to consider when approaching strategic communications in this field. We hope they will serve as a useful springboard to delve deeper into this ever-evolving and stimulating area of communications, regardless of which sectors we work in.” – Suzy Giles, ESG Panel Chair.


  • Download the CIPR’s ESG Panel series of guides.
  • Each guide is worth five CIPR CPD points.
  • Find out more about our ESG Panel.


Source & image: CIPR


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