Episode 15 of CIPR’s engage podcast out now; Horizon – future of PR and comms

Nov 30th '23

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ (CIPR) Engage podcast returns with a new episode that takes a deep dive into the future of the profession.


Episode 15 – The future of PR and comms – is the fourth and final instalment in the Engage series dedicated to celebrating the CIPR’s 75th anniversary. Recorded at the Institute’s Horizon event, the podcast features a range of interviews with Horizon speakers and attendees about their sessions and experiences to glean their insights from the event.


Hosted by Henry Heming, the episode features talks on key topics such as diversity and inclusion in PR, preventing burnout, the changing media landscape, how AI can transform PR strategies, the need to reframe climate change with more hopeful narratives, and much more.


Joining Henry is;


  • Fatima Banglawala, Comms and Public Affairs Manager, MedTech UK and Ireland, Johnson and Johnson, summarises some of the key takeaways from Jay Richards, Co-founder at Imagen’s opening keynote on Gen Z.
  • Grace Fogarty, Founder of Grace Fogarty Training, shares her simple, memorable tools for feeling more confident when networking and quickly developing meaningful connections.
  • Sheeraz Gulsher, Co-founder at People Like Us, discusses creative campaigns and practical tips on making PR more inclusive.
  • Subira Jones, also known as The Corporate Hippie, explains the difference between feeling rundown and being burned out, taking listeners from powerless to empowered, and demonstrating how PR and comms practitioners can fireproof their (and their colleague’s) career.
  • Katie King, CEO at AI in Business, addresses the opportunities, challenges and ethical questions which are raised by increased integration of AI tools and platforms in PR workflows, project management and content creation.
  • Trudy Lewis, Founder at Colinear, shares her favourite takeaways from the conference’s morning sessions.
  • Rachel Miller, Founder of All Things IC, summarises her favourite session from the conference.
  • Diana Verde Nieto, Co-founder of Positive Luxury, discusses how we can move towards being positively good when it comes to sustainability through the ‘reimagining model’.
  • Alan Oram, Director at Alive with Ideas, shares his reaction to Mark Shayler’s session.
  • Advita Patel, 2025 CIPR President, shares her final thoughts from the conference.
  • Alex Partridge, Founder of UNILAD and LADBible shares how the media landscape is changing, what the future holds for media, and why adaptability is your greatest strength.
  • Son Pham, Senior Campaign Manager at Manifest, captures the atmosphere at the conference and his personal highlight.
  • Mark Shayler, Owner at Ape, makes the case for the role of innovative and disruptive thinking in challenging the status quo and bringing about sustainable societal change.


“Horizon was a fantastic, forward-looking exploration into the world of PR that not only celebrated our profession’s legacy and impact, but also boldly navigated its future trajectory. This episode does much the same. It brings together a diverse chorus of voices each shedding light on the evolving landscape of public relations and communications.


From innovative approaches to inclusivity in PR to the dynamic interplay of AI in our workflows, our guests offer a treasure trove of insights and practical advice.


Special thanks to Henry for leading these conversations and to each of our guests for their thoughtful insights.” – Debbie West Chart.PR, MCIPR, Chair CIPR Podcast Editorial Board.


Source & image: CIPR


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